World-Class Shooting Instructors in Wyoming


World-Class Shooting Instructors in Wyoming: Excellence in Training and Safety

When it comes to firearms training, the expertise and experience of the instructor are crucial in both the training’s effectiveness and the safety of the participants. This article highlights some of the world-class shooting instructors based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, emphasizing the importance of safety and years of experience in shooting instruction.

Prominent Shooting Instructors in Jackson Hole

  • Dennis Larsen: A veteran with 35 years of experience, specializing in tactical competitions and firearms instruction with a history of national-level achievements.
  • Will Stirn: Noted for his expertise across various firearms disciplines, serving as a senior lead coach and armorer.
  • Ben Weiser: A senior lead coach who contributes significantly to comprehensive training programs and is a leader in performance pistol shooting.
  • Jay Cummings: Renowned for his huge personality and passion for shooting instruction and training.
  • Scott Austin: Expert in shotgun, pistol, and extreme long range rifle, providing broad and thorough education in firearms.
  • Thomas Mikkelsen: Offers valuable insights and training, enhancing the learning experience with his expertise, all while making the experience fun.

Importance of Safety and Experience

Safety is paramount in firearms training. Experienced instructors like those mentioned ensure that participants learn in a safe environment, emphasizing the critical safety protocols necessary for responsible firearms handling. Their years of experience enable them to create a comprehensive learning atmosphere where students can confidently develop their skills.

The instructors’ dedication to safety and technical proficiency makes them stand out in the field of firearms training, ensuring that participants receive high-quality education in firearms handling and safety.

In conclusion, choosing a shooting instructor with both experience and a commitment to safety is crucial. The professionals at Jackson Hole Shooting Experience exemplify these qualities, offering top-notch training in a safe and supportive environment. Your family deserves safe and professional guides.

World Class Shooting Instructors in Wyoming