Dog Friendly Places to Play in Jackson Hole

Dog Friendly Places to Play in Jackson Hole

Your best friend will love Jackson Hole as much as you do!  There are SOOO many great Dog Friendly Places to Play in Jackson Hole & enjoy with your friend either roaming free or on a leash.  Here are a few of our favorites, but first a warning.

Be careful if you are in the National Park.  During the summer, many graduate and post-graduate level folks come to the area to work as temporary National Park Rangers and some lack the common sense that seasoned rangers have.  If the law is a 6 foot leash, don’t try to get away with a 7 foot leash, you could get a ticket.

Also, here in Wyoming, we take wildlife harassment pretty seriously, and most folks accept that if a dog is chasing wildlife or a rancher’s cattle, they will be stopped with a bullet.  Keep your pooch safe by doing the right thing!

So, where can my dog play in Jackson Hole?  Where can I walk my dog in Jackson Hole?

South Park Feedgrounds

Located just a few miles south of Jackson is a Game & Fish property with a beautiful creek running through and lots of space for your dog to run and play.  This area is used as an elk feedground in the winter, and in the summer it is open to dog walkers and for children to play in the creek.  Bring a tennis ball to throw into the water for them and plan to sprawl out on the grass under the sun and doze!

The far west portion is more of a bird sanctuary with filthy ponds of algae etc.  These are great for bird-watching, but we suggest that you keep your pooch East of the hay sheds.  At the far west is a little Snake River tributary with running water, and the geese are happy to share with calm dogs that know how to “leave it.”

This video is fun for those stuck in the city… no big climax … just country peace & fun.


Drive south from Jackson, and after the highway changes from two lanes in each direction to one, you only have about a mile to go.  Just south of the Teton County Transfer Station, and before the Jackson Hole Gun Club, turn right.  There are two driveways going to the right, you want the second one.Dog Friendly Places to Play in Jackson Hole


What a great place for dogie day care!  These nice folks will welcome your dog for a half-day, full day or extended stay.  My dog loves visiting and playing with all the other dogs and always leave exhausted!  They pick up and deliver for a small fee in the Jackson Hole area.  Learn more HERE.

Dog Day Care boarding Jackson Hole

Cache Creek Trail

This locals favorite place has been accosted by “whiners” that do not have the tolerance to watch dogs running freely and happily.  Also, they didn’t like stepping in dog doo doo that irresponsible owners didn’t clean up.  In 2015, the government responded with a retaliatory closure of the area to dogs in hopes that it would “wake up” the irresponsible dog walkers.


Game Creek Trail

This trail is primarily used by mountain bikers as it is the ending point for the popular local ride called the “Cache to Game.”  Many people also walk their dogs along this several mile stretch up Game Creek Canyon, and there is a nice little creek running near the trail for thirsty pooches.  Be aware of moose and speeding mountain bikers, this trail is a great place for them to let loose and fly, and when they are barreling down the rutted road and a dog appears in their path, it can cause a wreck!  As with all trails int eh area, it is a great idea to have your dog on a leash, or at least under voice control.

WESTERN DIRECTIONS: Drive south of Jackson on South Highway 89/191 about 5 miles, and the next left after the Jackson shooting range, turn left onto Game Creek Road.  It will curve along for over a mile, and on the right you will see the first buildings, some horse stables and a home.  Just after that, the road makes a hard right almost U-Turn.  You will see a paved parking area for the trail-head.

A great book about dogs!!!