Trying Shooting in Jackson Hole

Trying Shooting in Jackson Hole

There was a local group of professionals who believed in living life to the fullest and trying new things, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. Recently, that team had the opportunity to visit Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, a local shooting experience that offers an exciting and educational experience for all skill levels. Despite having no significant prior experience in handling or shooting firearms, the team was eager to try something new and learn from the experts.

The team was greeted by the owners Shepard Humphries and Lynn Sherwood, who emphasized the importance of range and gun safety before starting the multi-gun pistol and rifle experience. The team was split into two groups, with one group shooting pistols with Lynn and the other shooting rifles with Shepard. Starting with smaller caliber options, the team got a feel for the action of the trigger and the recoil of the gun. Even hitting targets as close as 15 yards away proved to be a challenge for the team.

As they grew more comfortable, the team moved on to more challenging targets and shooting multiple shots at several targets at a time. Finally, the big guns came out, and everyone got to shoot with guns ranging from the .50 caliber Desert Eagle to the 45 magnum and the Remington 700 long range rifle. The more powerful guns proved to be quite the challenge, but also a thrilling experience.

After a day of shooting, the team was given a tour of the rest of the range by Lynn, who informed them about the other programs they offer, including clay shooting and archery. The team was excited to try these other activities on their next visit. As a memento, each team member was given a personalized key chain made from a shell casing.

Even if you are new to shooting, Jackson Hole Shooting Experience is a great introduction to the sport. The experience is not only educational, but also a fun and exciting activity for anyone looking to try something new among the many things to do in Jackson Hole.