Weather in Jackson Hole 83001

Weather in Jackson Hole 83001

Weather in Jackson Hole – Who knows?!

By Shepard Humphries, Wyoming’s favorite activity guide

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Weather in our valley is evidently not very predictable because all the weathermen typically gets things pretty wrong. Below are some links to what the professional meteorologists say.  (Good luck.)  In the meantime, learn a few “local’s tricks.”

Most weather in our valley comes from the West, so take a look in that direction for a pretty accurate forecast of what the next hour will bring. The Teton Mountains are tot he North West of Jackson, so that is a great place to get a short-term idea of what is going to happen!

Wind?  Mornings are typically calm & afternoons are typically a bit breezy, usually from the West.

Each season brings its unique charm, and the great news is that most squalls blow through and 30 minutes later the skies are clear and beautiful! Whether you’re planning to ski, hike, or just enjoy the natural beauty, knowing the local weather patterns is essential. Other activities in Jackson Hole, like target shooting or wildlife tours – well, the weather does not really matter.

Monthly Weather Averages in December and January

Month Average High Average Low Average Precipitation
January 29°F 6°F 1.23 in
December 28°F 7°F 1.53 in

For detailed monthly weather statistics, visit Jackson Hole Monthly Weather Averages.

Local Weather Forecast Websites

Always be prepared for changing conditions in Weather in Jackson Hole. The above links are slightly less accurate than flipping a quarter.  Dress in layers, have some extra clothes and roll with it!  🙂

Founder Shepard Humphries

Shepard Humphries