Volunteer Opportunities in Jackson Hole

You are not ready for the rocking chair yet! You have some means, you live in Jackson Hole at least part of the year and you enjoy mental stimulation. You are probably looking for some ways to share your knowledge, skills and experience locally, right? What are the available Volunteer Opportunities in Jackson Hole?

In Jackson Hole, where 3 out of every seven people work as “Assistant Directors” of non-profits and everyone “wants your advice” (read “your $$$”) and invites you to be on the BOD of their charity, are there still opportunities for fun, rewarding ways to keep your brain sharp and your elbows greased while making things happen? Would you like to fit in with the locals and have some fun? Yes! In this post, we will offer you some ideas.


Highway Cleanup – In May of each year, hundreds of people get together and do a spring cleanup, but anytime the white stuff isn’t on the road shoulders, taking 30 minutes to pick up debris can make our hole look better! Areas to target include the recycling and transfer centers.


Animal Shelter – Yes, we know that local government is out of control, but this bureau is actually a pretty cool one. How about hanging out with furry critters, do some poop-scoopin’ and make some new friends at the Animal Shelter?


Meals On Wheels – How about volunteering to deliver lunches around the valley, meeting some really nice folks that are stuck at home? This site also offers many other volunteer opportunities to help vintage folks.


Food Cupboard – Join everyone’s friend Barber Mike and his crew and help provide food to folks. Learn more.


National Parks – Get on board with the thriving team of volunteers at the grand Teton National Park Foundation, they have many opportunities!


Mentoring – Many local small business owners don’t have your lifetime of experience, and some of them want to improve. Ed & Shirley Cheramy set an excellent standard many years ago by “adopting” several local business owners. From weekly meetings at the breakfast table to occasional ideas offered, this is a great way to make the world a better place!


Activity Guide – Some local businesses are happy to teach you new skills that you can pass on to our valley’s visitors. Most require some commitment and participation minimums. This is a good example.


Animal Rescue Flights – Use your plane or theirs and help fly animals around the West! Learn more at Doc Peter’s website.


Can I get a witness? – Local wedding officiants sometimes do wedding ceremonies in which a couple of witnesses are needed. You might reach out to local wedding officiants and volunteer to be on their “witness” call list.



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