Unique Museums in Jackson Hole About History

Jackson Hole Activities - Target shooting in jackson holeWhen you visit a new place and are not busy enjoying target shooting activities, you want to visit unique museums to familiarize yourself with the local history, geography, culture, and archaeology. Then, when you go back home, you are the resident expert on all things related to, say, Jackson Hole. Jackson Hole is rich in history, so be sure to include museums in your adventure. If you love museums, Jackson Hole can satisfy your cravings for a fun, unique, and educational activity. After all, the Hole is more than a destination for outdoor activities; it’s museums are also a special attraction.

Unique Museums Wildlife Art, jackson hole

If you want a day of wandering through exhibits, you want to know which are the best museums. Each museum has its own personality. Some focus on specific items, while others expound on broad fields.

One museum that does a great job at focusing is the National Museum of Wildlife Art. Their architecture, built into a foothill in the style of ancient ruins, is tantalizing and enthralls visitors before they even enter the museum.

Unique Museum Wildlife Art

They have over 5,000 pieces of art, some dating back to 2,500 B.C., some creations by the masters of wildlife art, and all worth the visit! They also host events where artists and collectors gather. During interactive events, visitors can take part and experience creating art themselves. The National Museum of Wildlife Art isn’t something you want to miss when you’re in Jackson Hole.

Another incredible place you wouldn’t want to miss is the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum. They focus more on the history of Jackson Hole or as they say it, “the Hole story”. From the times of fur trading, homestead, ranching and more, their exhibits tell the tale of how Jackson Hole became what it is today. They have everything from clothes, furniture, paintings, trophies, weapons and everything in between and beyond. The museum is a paradise comprised of what Jackson Hole was like in days of old.

While not a traditional museum, the Teton Raptor Center deserves a mention for its crucial role in educating visitors about birds of prey and conservation efforts. Dedicated to rehabilitating injured raptors and releasing them back into the wild, the center offers an opportunity to see these magnificent creatures up close.

Through interactive programs, visitors can learn about the natural behaviors and habitats of various raptor species. The center’s mission to promote environmental stewardship and conservation serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving the delicate balance of the region’s ecosystems.

unique museums, teton mountainsWhether you want to leisurely browse the exhibits to catch your breath after a long hike or you are fascinated by in-depth research, be sure to stop by one of Jackson Hole’s museums! Come for the education, stay for every last captivating detail!