Teton Tactical Training in Jackson Hole with Tactical Ring Search Flashlight

Teton Tactical Training in Jackson Hole with Tactical Ring Search Flashlight

In the world of shooting instruction some instructors and some firms rise to the top.  There is a difference between world class and world famous shooting instructors, and the Jackson Hole region has both.  There are a number of specialties in firearms training, including shotgun clays, entertainment shooting, pistol, carbine, tactical and long range precision rifle.

Teton Tactical Training CQB in Jackson HoleThe Jackson Wyoming firearms training firm we are examining today is world class in a number of specialties.  First, to clear the waters, the levels and types of instruction available in Wyoming and around the country vary.  Jackson Hole Shooting Experience stands out in part because they are focused on avoiding conflict.  Many firearms trainers, especially in the tactical training industry, create conflict between each other.

For example, in tactical training, tens of thousands of former military “special operators” compete with each-other about who has worked in the most countries and has killed the most people on behalf of the military industrial complex (MIC).  Many of these instructors promote themselves as having “real world experience” while suggesting their competitors don’t.  Afton Wyoming instructor Chris Costa is frequently attacked in this way because he was in the “wrong” branch of the MIC.  Some offer “new technology to revolutionize the shooting industry.”  Some were excellent warriors and some are excellent competitive shooters, which many students are in awe of.

Principles in the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience emphasize that training must be practical and fun while delivered with modern teaching psychology.  The military tough-guy method works fine for the type of person that joins the military.  Civilians interested in developing their tactical abilities are often seduced by internet-famous bearded men in cammo clothing with many nylon straps and much Velcro.  In actuality however, these sexy sales techniques are not of much value.  Like the famous skateboard instructor that helps his wealthy Silicon Valley adult student imagine they are “in the club” so do some of these instructors help their awestruck students also, “Hate F-ing Sand Nig…s” and thereby feel like they are also tough guys capable of eating nails.

At Teton Tactical Training, the “tacti-cool” branch of the Jackson Hole Experience Group (JHXG), sharing information and helping build skills is the goal.

Even the most adept students can only learn so much in any given period of time.  Teaching too many skills is counter-productive.  An 8th grader can observe a brain surgery and have it explained, but that afternoon she will not be prepared to provide first aid.  Owner Shepard Humphries, 2017 inventor of the Tactical Ring Search Flashlight, says that their goal is for their beginner and intermediate level students to be competent at basic skills while also being exposed to more advanced skills.  What is a beginner student versus and advanced?  Shepard suggests a tactical shooting drill made famous by Viking Tactical as one guide.

If you can do this drill in less than 5 seconds, you are likely in the top 1% of shooters in the US, probably the 1/10th of 1%.  Wait a minute, I once had a lucky run as well, let’s do it 4 more times and average the times.  Still at less than 5 seconds?  OK, if you consistently perform at this level YOU rock!  You would benefit from practice but might not gain as much from Jackson Hole Shooting Experience training as you would with private 1 on 1 training from Kyle Lamb, Chris Costa or Tiger McKee.  If you are part of the other 322,755,000 US residents, you will gain just as much from the JH Shooting Experience as any other tactical firearms training Shepard Humphries World Class Shooting instructor, Tactical Ring Search Flashlightfirm.

Shepard says that their firm welcomes shooters of all skill levels.  He notices that the skill level self-described when booking is almost always different than what is demonstrated on the range.  “I have had three clients since inception that I watched shoot and my reaction was, “They are better than me, I have nothing to offer them.”  All three of these clients have returned multiple times for more training.

Shepard “the millionaire’s shooting coach” Humphries says that his nickname has most to do with his location.  “Jackson Hole is where many of the world’s most financially successful people seem to migrate.  I am just lucky that successful folks enjoy what I have to offer.”


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