FSBO Private Party Home for Sale in Jackson Wyoming

FSBO Private Party Home for Sale in Jackson Wyoming

Private Party FSBO Home for Sale in Jackson Wyoming

Fall in love with this warm and welcoming Private Party Home for Sale in Jackson Wyoming! 4 bedroom, 2 bath custom home with views in Jackson Hole, Wyoming!  

Custom-built for his own family in 1992 by high-end builder Bob Moore, this home got a brand new asphalt shingle roof and exterior paint job in 2017.  Walls of windows allow in beautiful light to the open-concept living and dining area; the kitchen has tons of storage, a trash compactor, built-in recycling nooks, a high bar for three and a walk-in pantry. 

Pine vaulted ceilings in the living areas and master bedroom match the custom cabinetry throughout.  Charming red bricks line the wood stove and wood storage nooks, providing warmth for romantic nights.  Huge master bedroom boasts a walk-in closet, and a second huge water heater focuses on your luxurious 80 gallon Roman jetted tub!

Watch the kids play as you sip coffee on the north deck overlooking the fenced yard, see the tulips burst open while swinging on the west-facing covered porch, and bbq with friends on the wide-open south deck. Located at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac, the backyard is quietly tucked away, with huge views of open common space, a cattle pasture and Munger Mountain – a gorgeous setting for cozy evenings with friends.  …And the visiting moose are our favorite tree-trimmers!

2,016 sq ft with a 484 sq ft two-car garage on ⅓ acre, you’ll enjoy ample attic and crawl space storage, and the best neighbors in the world!  

Private Party Home for Sale in Jackson Wyoming
One of our frequent back yard visitors in the winter

HOA rules keep the neighborhood tidy, you’ll be proud to invite your friends over!

Some of the features our home offers that are unexpected nice surprises:

  • Central electric heating and air conditioning (Avg $250/mo for electricity)
  • Central vacuum system that we have never used but assume works
  • Two large water heaters
  • Wood stove in living room
  • Fast internet:House fsbo in Jackson Hole
  • Incredible pasture and Monger Mountain views to the south
  • Did we mention how incredible our neighbors on all sides are?
  • Six parking spaces
  • New asphalt shingle roof a few years ago
  • Freshly painted a few years ago

Price for our Jackson Hole home fsbo?

We don’t really want to sell our home. A Realtor friend challenged that we might be willing to… “at a price.” We have a wonderful business in Jackson Hole, with our office being only 2 miles from our house, and we don’t really want to drive an hour+ to work and another hour+ back home each day. Our Realtor friend suggested that many families are currently seeking the safer and better lifestyle that Jackson Hole offers, and that we might at least contemplate a price that would make it “worth it” to sell our home. We agreed.

Our home value at the bottom of the government-caused crash of 2008 was probably $750k. Comps today place it at $1.6 to $2.1 million. While the $1.6 price range doesn’t really excite us, the top end is more interesting and much closer to what we would entertain. Another Realtor friend suggested that we wait a year and sell our home for $3.1 million.

  • We look forward to showing our messy home on April 20, 21 and 22.
  • We will receive “as-is” offers through 5pm on April 26, 2021. This offer assumes a lease-back through the fall. If you want us out in only 45 days, your offer would need to blow us out of the water! 😉 )

If no offers are high enough (after we contemplate fees, closing costs, taxes etc) to excite us, we will gladly continue living our fabulous life in our fabulous home. Perhaps you will join us some evening for a backyard BBQ this summer or next? 

(*We are not interested in having any of our 326 awesome Realtor friends list our property, we don’t want to loose 325 friends who are upset that we didn’t ask them to be our realtor.)

We are getting y/our house tidied up a little bit, we hope to have it ready to show to you by April 20, but with the hubby half of our family being quite the hoarder, well, geesh.

Contact wyolynn at her geemale (you know how to spell it correctly) address.

-Private Party Home for Sale in Jackson Wyoming –

Moose - Private Party Home for Sale in Jackson Wyoming
Through our dining room window a few weeks ago – Moose!

Next up on your To-Do list

(We are ramping up for our busy season in our business, so we are selling “as-is.” We don’t have the time or interest to have new flooring done or any other projects large or small.)

Structural condition:

Our home does not have any roof leaks, plumbing leaks, a cracked foundation or anything else structurally wrong.

Functional / Mechanical condition:

Our home does not have any mechanical problems. It does have a couple unknowns, like, we think there is an air conditioning option, but we have never tried it. There is a central vacuum outlet we noticed on the wall, but we have never tried it.


We are thinking of things a new buyer might want to put on their to-do list. In the order we think you might choose to spruce her up:

  1. The carpet is tired and you will likely want to replace it with new flooring of your choice.
  2. The wood stove still works, but it could be replaced as the damper is broken.
  3. As we were having the windows washed, we discovered that one of them has a broken seal which has resulted in glass discoloration.
  4. You might want different paint colors?
  5. We had a family discussion many years ago about whether our house would be a “show house” in which we ask guests to take their shoes off before entering or if we wanted to make it a LIVING house. We chose to LIVE here and are thrilled with our choice!

One time, I was out on the street in front of our home, and snapped this action shot!

Private Party Home for Sale in Jackson Wyoming
Get ready for a wild and crazy lifestyle in Jackson Hole!

Our favorite memories

“We happily reared our daughters next door in a lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bath typical middle-class home, and when we learned that this house was available, we did what was necessary to buy it. The views are perhaps the best available in the subdivision, the huge ceiling, the custom high-end touches were too much to pass by.” -Mr. 

“I recall many gatherings in our back yard with family, friends and staff. Our philosophy get-togethers in the yard, or in the huge great room during winters, were very fulfilling.” -Mr.

“My TedX talk in which I discussed my daughter Lauren’s life and death was filmed in front of the fireplace.” -Mrs.

“Our neighbors over the last 13 years have been the best anyone could hope for. We share lawnmowers, snowblowers, chainsaws, dog and fish sitting, modeling photo shoots for business marketing and never complain about each other to the HOA. In March, the next door lady chatted with me in the driveway about her new cat, “By the way, don’t worry about your dog chasing my cat, they will figure out their pecking order.” Best neighbors ever.” -Mr.

“We have an annual bet on which day the last bit of snow will melt from Munger Mountain to our South, this year I am thinking June 22.” -Mr.

When the grandkids visit, it is wonderful to walk out of our back door and have common space with no traffic all the way to the beautiful Flat Creek grassy area with the bench, our lab loves chasing tennis balls in the water, and we almost always recognize the folks floating down on their innertubes as friends.” -Mr.

“Our late friend Flynn Johnson visited us here, and just before his death last year he gave us the garlic cloves we planted in the garden that you will now enjoy the fruits of for many years.” -Mr.

“The cows in the pasture behind our house are wonderful, a real feeling of country living.” -Mr.

“When I moved to Jackson hole from California back in 97, I was used to traffic and being in a rush. Now, when I pull up to an intersection and see a car approaching that is still 1/3 mile away I figure, ‘might as well let them pass and not slow them down.'” -Mr.

4 bedroom House for Sale in Jackson Hole FSBO
Front of house