Long Range Rifle Shooting in Wyoming

Long Range Rifle Shooting in Wyoming

This is not an inexpensive excursion, and what a fun thing to do!  Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, who typically conducts their shooting experiences in Jackson Hole at the shooting range, has added an offering in which you can receive coaching and try shots out to one mile at various undisclosed private ranches around our region.  This private Precision Rifle Extreme Long Range Shooting in Wyoming and several other states is a unique opportunity. See https://nomadrifleman.com/services/ for details!

You will shoot a number of rifles, with a very good chance of getting one mile hits!  This extreme long range shooting experience is the best of its kind in the world! And one of the fun things to do in Jackson Hole. Maybe you will be able to add your name to the Onemile.club!

Precision Rifle Shooting in Wyoming Jackson, Wyoming Long Range Shooting
Jackson, Wyoming Long Range Shooting

Learn more about this extreme long range shooting activity HERE.

All of their experiences are customized, so rather than trying to figure out which of their pre-packaged options are best, it is better to contact them so that they can interview you and establish your perfect needs and desires.  There is a form on THIS page if you prefer to hone in without speaking to someone live on the phone.

Their UHNWI clients travel from around the globe for their specialized training and we think that after you have tried them out, you will agree that they are true world class instructors and leaders in long range precision shooting for beginning and intermediate level shooters.  

ELR Book, long range shooting book

Shepard says that if you regularly shoot between 1,100 and 4,500 yards, and you are seeking technical scientific specifics, perhaps you would prefer to learn from a more specialized instructor like a competitor in F class shooting that is on the US national team.  While Shepard is a sought-after coach, he suggests that his goal is hitting targets a long way away while having fun and helping the shooters have fun.  For a full description of why measuring BC in G7 is better than G1 between 1500 and 1600 yards, a more technical precision rifle instructor like Scott Austin might be a better choice. Scott and Shepard released a book on extreme long range shooting in 2021.

Nomad Rifleman Long Range Rifle Training in Wyoming

For most long-range shooters, there is always something new to learn and all of our clients throughout the years agree that they have benefited from our training and have had an excellent time shooting guns in Wyoming!


Founder Shepard Humphries
Founder Shepard Humphries

Shepard “The Millionaire’s Shooting Coach” Humphries explained that his firm’s Extreme Long Range (ELR) Precision Rifle Shooting in Wyoming offerings are not for everyone.  He has chosen to focus only on providing a top-tier experience for his clients, and is determined not to cut corners to “be the cheapest” in precision rifle shooting in Wyoming.  Their firm does offer a less expensive Multi-Gun Experience, which seems to be a huge hit based on Trip Advisor reviews.

Long range rifle training in Wyoming