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Poll results April 28, 2020 re COVID-19 Issues

I noticed on the news and social media that there were various worldviews regarding COVID-19 and the actions taken by local, state, national and world governments regarding this virus. 

I noticed that when some people voiced opinions, they were quickly attacked by the well-meaning opposition. Like Bill Gates’ goal to reduce the world population from seven billion down to five hundred million with vaccines being a valuable tool, or Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi sharing their data, some of us are so dogmatically attached to our worldviews that we lash out at new or unfamiliar ideas.

I wondered what people REALLY thought, and I wondered, if they could respond without the fear of being bullied, what might we all learn?

  • I decided to do a poll, and I admit that as a classical-liberal leaning person, I am biased toward the pro-individual-choice side. Nonetheless, I attempted to temper the wording in my questions to reduce my bias. Based on comments on #16, I didn’t do so well. I have received negative feedback from people with different worldviews, from mainstream liberal & conservative news-watchers, to bookworm voluntaryists, grinning populists and constitutionalists in despair over their recent losses.
    • People who watch/read “news”, listen to podcasts, read books or consume/ignore information in differing ways are very likely to have an “opinion” that mirrors what they have consumed. I am no different. I am sorry if it detracted from the value of the poll.
  • A second bias warning is that this is an “opinion” survey. This poll was not limited to independent physicians & scientists. It was likely shared from friend to friend by certain folks, with others not caring or being interested.
  • This is not a scientific study, its scientific rigor is much more akin to the US standard for calculating COVID-19 deaths. (“of” “from” “with”)
  • It is possible that some people took this poll repeatedly, though I don’t suspect this was a material problem.
  • The sample size was 289 respondents.

Let’s all remember that the 289 people that shared their opinions here, and our seven billion other neighbors are mostly good folks that don’t wish harm on others. We all have different values, and as such, we view the world differently. I believe that 99% of humans are saddened by death, even when it is of old age, self-imposed lifestyle issues, accidents or other causes. We don’t want our neighbors to suffer death.

Let’s be kind and compassionate with each other as we contemplate and discuss the current topic.










  • 1 on the left=I am no more worried than I am about seasonal flu.
  • 10 on the right= I think COVID-19 is a pandemic of epic proportions and if strong action isn’t taken, millions of Americans that would otherwise have lived for many more healthy years will die.
1= NOT worried / 10= Very worried




Full text of above top-four questions in order:

  • Blue 6.8%: I wear a mask because I am worried that I might spread the virus.
  • Red 18.1%: I wear a mask because other people seem very concerned and might find it comforting that I wear a mask. I don’t honestly think it is needed though.
  • Orange 38.8%: I do not wear a mask because, like every virus, most of us end up getting it, and most of us survive it. No biggie.
  • Green 24.6%: I do not wear a mask because it could indicate to others that I am buying into a problem that does not exist to a significant degree.

Continued individual entries from above question:

Question left blank -8 responses
  • I wear a mask while working on the floor at my employer’s request. While shopping, I do not because I feel it is a signalling measure
  • I don’t wear a mask, but I respect others. I distance and I don’t touch unless it goes in my cart, and I sanitize going in and coming out.
  • I wear one because I fear more of others spreading it to me.
  • Not necessary
  • Always forget to bring one.
  • I only wear a mask at work because it’s required for the plandemic
  • No mask. Quickly grab what’s needed and return home. Then wash up.
  • I wear a mask to meet state executive order
  • I laugh at the pants pissing scared sheep
  • Law
  • Governor order to wear mask. Wouldn’t otherwise
  • I don’t have a mask
  • I am disabled and don’t go to the grocery store.
  • Just like any other day separate all the ignorant hoarders
  • I wear a mask because the store will not let me in with one and I do not want end up with a BS 1000 dollar fine from the cops
  • I order online
  • I am lucky enough to shop in sparsely trafficked stores
  • Masks increase rebreathing of expelled virus particles
  • I wear a mask so that others will wear masks and not spread the virus
  • I wear a mask because I’m taking care of a golden essential couple and am being overly precautions for their mental health.
  • My child nearly died from h2n2
  • I wear a mask so I don’t GET thd virus.
  • No mask, but I avoid being near others for our mutual safety.
  • I wear a mask if it’s required, such as at work.
  • I do not feel threatened, nor am I threatening others. I still use good personal hygiene, though, as we all should.
  • I stay at home and get delivery or pickup directly to trunk
  • 3, 4, and Patrick Henry didn’t stutter.
  • I do not wear a mask but I keep a large distance from anyone else
  • I don’t go in the grocery store. I do curbside pickup
  • I don’t fall into government propaganda.
  • I wear a mask only because I have to in order to get in
  • Most masks being utilized are completely useless for this situation and only serve to placate idiots
  • I don’t wear a mask because I don’t want to and I feel like I don’t need to, I couldn’t care less about what others think one way or the other


Descriptions were “cut off” to the left of bar graph, and are as follows:

  1. COVID-19 is horrible, and governments should take even stricter action to save lives. Most politicians have good intentions and want what is best.
  2. COVID-19 is an excuse for the government to take away more freedoms from people, the end game is coerced vaccinations and tracking of humans.
  3. COVID-19 is an excuse for the government to take away more freedoms from people, the end game is to institute a centralized digital currency.
  4. I am willing to give us freedom for safety.






Full text version of options at top because the bar graph is cut off.











What are 30 or fewer words you would like to add?

  1. You didn’t list “sanity” as a potential loss due to this manufactured crisis
  2. Time to get on with life
  3. The over-hype and lies by the complicit mainstream media should be penalized; the DNC leadership should be prosecuted
  4. Watch the series “The Truth About Vaccines”, do a refresher of your basic science education, live and let live. To be shut in is not LIVING. Life has some risk. Deal with it!
  5. My life and familys so far, has stayed exactly the same
  6. Politicians should give up their paycheck too. Retroactively. Until employment returns to December levels
  7. Covid-19 is a hoax
  8. This is all bullshit a hoax created for the Fauci and gates vaccine and you people should be ashamed of yourself
  9. I think this virus was intentionally released to derail the US economy surging. I hope I live long enough to know the truth.
  10. We the people can and will make the choices for our self. Government and Hollywood should stay out off it!!
  11. Ban any and all imports from China
  12. People are people. We don’t like to be told what to do by people who don’t know what
  13. We are being used. Its unconstitutional
  14. I’m a retired disabled veteran. My wife and I live on a fixed income.
  15. Is vivid real? Yes! Is the response political? Yes. Am I scared of losing everything I worked for? Yes
  16. The response to this whole thing has been ridiculous and things should have never gotten to this point. There is a greater agenda going on here and people need to wake up and see that before the world’s economy is destroyed.
  17. Open our country, let the virus run its course. Deep state in a panic & wants to destroy our country
  18. This is a test run for a bigger picture.
  19. Even if no one currently plans to do horrifically wicked things with this economic shut down, those who would in the future are watching very closely and learning a lot
  20. F**k the government, you cannot prevent death
  21. Not enough choice in some answers (Better poll conducted by this person HERE)
  22. This has only been about seeing how far the government can go to control the government.
  23. F*** the New World Order. F*** Bill Gates. F*** the Federal Government. TO HELL WITH ALL OF YOU BASTARDS!!!
  24. A lot of your options suck. Biased much? Lol. Kind of like forcing data, not representative. (Better poll conducted by this person HERE)
  25. Covid 19 is a major issue and the public should take it seriously. The people shouldn’t give the government the excuse to overreach
  26. This is China’s fault.
  27. I believe this was intentionally created by China, they need to pay for this and the U.S. should have nothing more to do with them! I blame them fully!!
  28. Science has been thrown out the window with this so called pandemic. There is not one death that has been scientifically proven to be contributed directly to the virus.
  29. The virus is bad, but politicians are seizing the opportunity to exploit it for even far more evil purposes.
  30. 95% of these politicians are scumbags sold to the highest bidder.
  31. Quarantine is when sick people are isolated; tyranny is when healthy people are isolated, harassed, arrested, ticketed, shamed, and denied freedom.
  32. The Gov trespass on Constitutional right is over the top. And will have lasting negative consequences.
  33. This doesn’t appear to be an objective poll. (Better poll conducted by this person HERE)
  34. I’ve done 49 days so far of respecting the stay-at-home and only essential travel orders in well as wearing a mask once ordered. But it’s time for it to end. I would like to move
  35. The Poll should have better questions. Example: Can you ask “Should government create it’s own Authoritarian police powers?” and “Are you ok with putting the future into bondage by increasing the debt burden through government spending of money that does not belong to the government or the people receiving the money?” There are to many questions with preconceived notions and either / or options. (Better poll conducted by this person HERE)
  36. Open the country up
  37. End the stay
  38. Covid-19 is a serious condition, but it is not so serious that it should be allowed to ruin people’s lives by losing jobs and saving.
  39. I have lupus, I am an essential worker, and I think this whole hysterical response is ridiculous and purposeful. No one cared about cleanliness before; they don’t now.
  40. This has all been a huge amount of bullshit. Everything is being done wrong. Government is narcissistic shit.
  41. COVID-19 Was created in a laboratory. Biological warfare is the epitome of evil.
  42. The covid19 event was a planned terror attack using psychological warfare. Perpetrated by the globalist elite and their corrupt media.
  43. The government has no authority to do the measures they have enacted, regardless of the state of emergency.
  44. We’ve done more to hurt ourselves, than help ourselves during the pandemic.
  45. Hoping this event wakes us up!
  46. China is to blame
  47. No
  48. The virus is real but it is not deadly enough to warrant such a response.
  49. Governors are using this as an excuse to gain more power and force their residents into compliance with their agenda.
  50. All politicians and police should die
  51. All flu varieties are seasonal.
  52. stop being faggots
  53. People need to do what they feel is best for themselves and their families.
  54. Democrats are using this as excuse to do mail voting, in which they will cheat!
  55. If it’s forced, it’s tyranny.
  56. I wish to live in a world where the law of consent is valued above all else
  57. Just get over it! SARS–CoV-2 is here to stay. Are we going to close this winter too?
  58. My rights are mine. Your rights are yours. Don’t step on mine I wont step on yours
  59. Taxation is theft
  60. Stay the hell out of my life!
  61. End the lock down! Do more serological studies.
  62. I plan to on voting for Trump regardless of the liberals and media’s hype
  63. F*** every single politician and police officer, f*** the un, f*** bill gates
  64. Open up the businesses, keep the borders closed, deport illegal immigrants
  65. The behavior of the power-hungry has never and will never change. This is just another excuse to push self-important authoritarianism.
  66. typographical error in question 8 should say “give up” not “give us”
  67. The progressive mainstream media is the biggest problem.
  68. Investigate China, and the WHO. No to voting by mail, & add 3rd parties to ballots / debates.
  69. Live free or die!
  70. Government is the problem, not the solution. I will die on my feet, not my knees defending my freedom and family from tyranny.
  71. I was cautious in the beginning. We now have a treatment .let everyone get back to work .
  72. Proof Read your Poll. (Better poll conducted by this person HERE)
  73. “Always look on the bright side of life…” Monty Python 🙂
  74. COVID-19 is serious, but so is the government response to it. Violence against individuals isn’t justified by the virus.
  75. I haven’t been impacted much, but others are starving or on the streets because they can’t afford food or rent!.
  76. The questions could use, for the most part, some nuance and options. Three vulnerable should stay on self imposed lockdown. Nothing mandatory for anyone.
  77. Government always makes things worse.
  78. F*** this shut down
  79. None of the answers to the worldview question applied.
  80. It’s high time that peroxide was investigated for many diseases
  81. State and federal constitution prohibit government from placing such orders on the private sector. Particularly illegal for the executive branch and an un-elected bureaucracy to do so. #LibertyIsEssential
  82. The previous question is bogus. Vaccines should be illegal
  83. Government thinks it our parent, same with the deep state. Leave us alone. We can smell a false flag when we see one.
  84. If we’d acted sooner, this could have been done with much more quickly.
  85. I’ve lost faith in WHO, CDC, MDH, & MNA. I’m a nurse and this has been mishandled, blown out of proportion and used as a veil.
  86. I’m upset that the Federal government did not provide leadership or assistance to the states immediately. Cities and rural areas should have different restrictions.
  87. I think that allowing one person to fill out an unlimited number of polls invalidates this poll completely. (Better poll conducted by this person HERE)
  88. None
  89. What a bunch of hooey this panic is.
  90. Boogaloo

The results of this survey do not necessarily reflect mine.