Nannies and Childcare in Jackson Hole

Nannies and Childcare in Jackson Hole

Nannies and Childcare in Jackson Hole by Kacie VanderZon

Whether you are traveling and need Nannies and Childcare in Jackson Hole for an evening, or looking to find a long term nanny, I have gathered some essential tips to help you select the best in-home childcare for your little ones.  So what is the difference between a nanny and a babysitter?

Nannies and Childcare in Jackson Hole By definition, a nanny is “a person, typically a woman, employed to care for a child in its own home” and a babysitter is “a person who looks after a child or children while the parents are out”.

Not much of a difference, but in my opinion, a babysitter is a temporary helper that does not have the time to get to know and understand the parents or children well, but they are perfect for an occasional date night or when you’re staying in Jackson for the week and need some help.

On the other hand, a nanny is a family supporter. A quality nanny does so much more than just maintaining a child’s basic needs, they get to know all the details of what makes the child happy. They discuss what the parents value most and uphold those values. They are the glue while the parents are away, keeping the household running and ensuring a happy, loving, and educational environment for the child.

So which one is right for you? Daycare, Babysitter or Nanny?

The largest factors in selecting the right style of childcare for you depends greatly on the amount of time
needed and budget:

Daycare tend to be around $100 a day here in Jackson and although your child does not get the one on one
care they do with a nanny, there are some great aspects at daycare like peer socialization. I’m not going to go into detail on this since my primary focus today is on in-home childcare.

A babysitter is usually only called in for short periods of time and they can sometimes double as a short term or substitute nanny for your family. Babysitters can cost between $15/hr-$30/hr for up 2 kids depending on the agency you book through or the experience level of the babysitter. Babysitters are perfect if you need to find someone fast for a date night or afternoon away.

Nannies usually cost between $20/hr-$30/hr. They have the availability to help your family long term, usually 2-5 days a week. Although it’s not necessary to have a happy and devoted nanny, it may help entice a nanny to stay over a year if you offer a combination or any one of paid sick days, paid vacation time, or housing. You get to pick a schedule that is ideal for you, unlike the rigid hours of a daycare, you skip the drive time for drop off, pick up, packing lunches, etc.

Nannies and Childcare in Jackson Hole

Another option is nanny-share which tends to be the best of both worlds. In this scenario, you split childcare costs with another family and the nanny watches the children for 2 families at once. The cost here is usually around $15/hr a child per family.

Yet another option is to find a nanny that performs many tasks.  I have been fortunate enough to serve some wonderful families, and I also perform as a cook, perform light house-keeping and other tasks.  My attitude is that the children I care for are NOT being warehoused with me, I have the unique opportunity to provide them with a rich learning environment.  Because I serve as an educator, nanny, private chef and general personal assistant, by compensation is generally valued at $55 to $85 an hour.

Best ways to find a babysitter:

The nanny agencies here in Jackson Hole are very reputable and have great staff! They make finding a babysitter for the times and dates you need a breeze. My favorite agencies here are:

And if you want to skip agencies costs and contact local babysitters directly:


Best ways to find a nanny:

As with finding a babysitter if you are looking for a nanny, the local agencies can help you find one that suits you fast and easy. They do the background checks and screenings for you, however, they do charge a fee for placement.

Kacie VanderZon is an Entrepreneur specializing in Early Childhood Education and using all the unique skills she learned while growing up in an Amish community. She believes that every child is special and looks forward to being a mother herself someday. Her favorite ways to spend fun time are zooming downhill on a bike or skis, knitting, sewing, and baking/creating sweet delicious treats to satisfy her constant need for cake!