Moe’s BBQ in Jackson Hole Wyoming

Moe’s BBQ in Jackson Hole Wyoming

Moe's BBQ Jackson Hole WyomingWhen you first walk up to Moe’s Barbecue, you will notice a sliding glass door. This is an IQ test to see if you can figure out how to get in. The correct answer is
pushing the handicap button on the right side of the door which will open the sliding glass doors.  As soon as you enter you will see a seating area to the right.  This is your second IQ test, do you seat yourself and wait to be served?  The correct answer is NO.  This are is probably a waiting area for busy times?  They do not yet have signs up directing the flow, however once you have eaten there once, you will know the system and will not feel as foolish as I did wondering what the plan was.

Moe's BBQ Review Jackson Hole WyomingYou should walk past the waiting room and up to the counter with the nice & friendly order-taker standing behind it. The menu is up above the register and you can place your order with that person and then pay.  We asked if a sample platter was available, but learned they do not offer that option yet.  When my significant other and I both suggested we would have paid $20 per plate to get a little sample of each, both the front counter person and the owner suggested ordering multiple meats.  No kidding.

Moe's BBQ Jackson Hole Wyoming
Drink Station

The order-taker will give you a card on a stand with your order number and you are welcome to go find a seat and place that card on your table so that they will know which table to deliver your food to.  You are given a paper cup for use at the drink station.  They have awesome sweet tea!  I assume refills are included, and when I refilled I was not stopped.  Not sure if I passed or failed this 3rd IQ test.  The food portions are small but taste just fine.  I had the pulled pork, which was much like the pulled pork one would get anywhere.  Maybe other meat options are awesome, but I wasn’t impressed enough with what I ordered to return anytime soon.Moe's BBQ Jackson Hole Wyoming

Moe’s is part of a chain of over 50 franchises.  Something they do that is brilliant is a huge quantity of “sides” options that are rotated.  There are some basics that are always available but another bunch are in the rotation.  It seems from the online menu that along with a platter, one can order 3 additional sides for $7.  If you have a big appetite, this is wise.

We asked but were not able to figure out what the proper tipping procedure is. The person that brings the food is different than the person that took the order and I do not know if the tables are supposed to be bussed or not.  We tipped 20% so I left our stuff at the table, I do not know what is proper and the staff did not say.  I looked around for a cute sign to tell me, but did not see anything.  I am worried I might have failed this fourth IQ test, and if so, my apologies to the nice staff.

Overall, the food was good.  It is not Leatha’s or even  or even Rudy’s, but the food is good and the concept is great!  Give it a shot and let us know what you think!Mo's BBQ Jackson Hole Wyoming


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Moe’s Original BBQ

140 N. Cache Street
Jackson, Wyoming 83001
(307) 733-6637