Is A Mask Mandated? JH Businesses

Is A Mask Mandated? JH Businesses

Is A Mask Mandated?

Number one: this page is NOT for politics or opinions.

This page is to be used as a quick-reference guide for those who want to know where they can shop based on their mask preferences.
As of noon on May 7, 2021 the Teton County mandatory mask order has been lifted.

Some of you want to shop where business owners choose to have mask mandates in place and some prefer businesses where the owners leave that choice up to each individual.

        • Since nobody is adamant that other people do NOT wear masks, we have only two categories.
        • *If you see an asterisk after a business name, it means that there is a corporate policy of “mandate” but it is not strongly forced locally.

This is a crowd-sourced thing.

Please comment at the bottom if you have new or different information.

Reminder – NO POLITICS and NO OPINIONS here!!!

Grocery stores

Albertsons* – Choice

Hoback Market – Choice

Hole Grocer – ?

Smiths* – Choice


Blue Lion – Choice

Bubba’s BBQ – Choice

Cutty’s – Choice

Eleanor’s – Choice

El Abuelitos – Choice

Liberty Burger – Choice

Merry Piglets – Choice

Noodles – Choice

Picas – Choice

Roadhouse – Choice

Silver Dollar – Choice



Ace – Mandate

Jackson Lumber – Choice

Big R – Choice


Gas Stations

Shell – Mandate

Shervin’s Independent – Choice


Liquor Stores

Jackson Hole Marketplace – Mandate / ?

The Liquor Store – Mandate

Smiths* – Choice



Belle Cose – Choice

Browse-n-Buy – Mandate

Carquest – Choice

Habitat Restore – Mandate

Jackson Trading Company – Mandate

JD High Country – Mandate

NAPA – Choice

TJ Maxx* – Choice

UPS store in Jackson – Mandate

UPS Store in Wilson – Choice



Our Lady of the Mountain Catholic – ?

Redeemer Lutheran Church – Choice

St. John’s Episcopal Church – Mandate

*Remember neighbors, if a person who is “high-risk” asks you to wear a mask; please either keep distance or wear it.

Please comment below with new information or tell us where we are wrong!

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Is A Mask Mandated?