Live Music in Jackson Hole – Bluegrass

Live Music in Jackson Hole – Bluegrass

Booking: 307-413-6477

Partially because of the many young transient workers that live in Jackson Hole seasonally that hail from the south, we love bluegrass!  When we look for fun activities in Jackson Hole, we look for PTO Bluegrass Band for Live Music in Jackson Hole – Bluegrass

I recently attended a business get-together at a luxury hotel – Hotel Jackson.  PTO was the entertainment and while they were there as “background” music, I enjoyed them even more than schmoozing!  They have a banjo, which is an absolute must in a bluegrass band!

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Poot, who is probably the band leader, is a very popular local musician in Jackson Hole.  I recall listening to him back in the old days when he was with Steam Powered Airplane.  I recall him playing with Kester & Tucker at the Silver Dollar Bar back in 2001.

Check out their facebook page, LIKE them and be sure to listen to a show while you are in Jackson Hole finding fun things to do!

Jackson Hole Activity PTO

Booking: 307-413-6477

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General Manager – Poot McFarlin: pootmcfly at

PTO Bluegrass Band Members

  • Brock Benjamin on Banjo, vocals, Topeka, Kansas
  • Tall Jon DeGroot on guitar and vocals, Glide, Oregon
  • Poot McFarlin on stand-up bass, vocals and jokes, Murfreesboro, TN
Some people call us “PTO” some make up words to fill in the initials PTO such as….. Pick-up Truck Orchestra, Paid Time Off, Power Take Off, Parent Teacher Organization, Poot’s Taking Over, etc and so forth.  Many prefer to call us “Plum Tuckered Out” Y’all can decide for yourselves!!!


Absolutely a fun Jackson Hole Activity!