Kathryn Mapes Turner's "Here. Now."

Kathryn Turner, "Never Tired." 12 x 36" Oil
Kathryn Mapes Turner, “Never Tired.” 12 x 36″ Oil

Oh, my goodness! My presses were down. This Thursday (tonight!), July 30th, at Trio Fine Art in Jackson, local artist Kathryn Mapes Turner opens her new show, “Here. Now.” An artist’s reception takes place 5-8:00 pm, and at 6pm Turner will give a talk on the inspirations for this show. The exhibition and reception are free and open to the public. 

Turner is habitually inspired. A long-time valley resident–she grew up on Jackson Hole’s famed Triangle X Ranch–she’s been surrounded by our valley’s beauty all of her life. She’s learned to explore nooks and crannies, as well as welcome in the familiar, expansive beauty of our remarkable mountains and open spaces.

Kathryn Mapes Turner, "All Things Emerge from Silence."  20 x 32"
Kathryn Turner “All Things Emerge from Silence.” 20 x 32″

This show includes a wide variety of subject matter. The Tetons, rivers, streams and ranch life…the misty profile of an elk herd, delicate portraits of flowers and dancing cranes, a subject she’s lately embraced. A friend remarked that she enjoys Turner’s soft artistic touch.

Kathryn Turner. "Free." 10x8" Watercolor
Kathryn Turner. “Free.” 10×8″ Watercolor

“Her paintings look like they’ve been caught in the rain,” she said. She means this in a good way; she feels Turner’s paintings are translucent. Turner is not an artist that uses a great deal of paint. Often her painting surface is visible through the medium, as if she experiences all nature as temporary, a blessed mirage. Turner captures the essence of elk, but leaves out excessive detail. She focuses on an antelope’s upper torso, but its back legs and tail fade in dusky mist.

Turner’s color palette is wide-ranging. The artist moves from fall-like browns, grays and near-blacks to pastel pinks, leafy greens and the reflective blue slopes of our alpine mountainsides.

The most important lesson Turner has learned from a lifetime living in Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park is to savor the moment. Always be here, always be in the “now.” www.triofineart.com