Jewelry Stores in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is a great place for a myriad of things. When you are not target shooting with @shootinjh, how about treating yourself to our areas abundance of fine jewelry stores? Getting to visit each one is a pleasure for you’ll never know just what type of treasures you’ll find until you visit some of the jewelry stores in Jackson Hole.jackson hole jewelry stores

However, it can be daunting trying to scour the entirety of Jackson Hole for all of its the jewelry stores. Whatever your reason may be, whether it be for research, your love for trinkets or for any other reason, we’ve prepared the list for you.











Jackson Hole Jewelry Co.Jewelry Stores in Jackson Hole

The first on the list doesn’t disappoint. They have a 5-star rating on Google reviews for the quality of their services and products. They have great staff and excellent items.  Jackson Hole Jewelry Company is worth visiting!


Native Jackson Hole

Native Jackson Hole Jewelry

 Truly a fine place for buying jewelry. They have exquisite products and a dazzling establishment.


Hines Goldsmiths

 Hines Jewelry stores in jackson hole

This establishment has a 4-star rating on Google reviews. They offer different jewelry services and has a good collection.


Dan Shelley Jewelry Originals

A good jewelry store having quality products at different price points.


A Touch of Class

As name suggests, they offer a touch of class.


J.C. Jewelers

Known to go beyond expectations. They have a team of knowledgeable staff and a great selection of handmade jewelry.


Dali’s Jewelry Designs

Dali’s gained mixed reviews from customers either liking or not liking their services.


Pearls by Shari

Has very high reviews on the internet. They offer high-quality products at a good price point. They have an amazing staff as well.


Teton Art Gallery

Although having good products, Teton gained a few mixed reviews because of a rude employee.


Cayuse Western Americana

A jewelry store with a seemingly native American theme.


More stores?

Susan Fleming Jewelry

Lila Lou’s Worts Corner

Thoenig’s Fine Jewelry

Two Grey Hills Native American Indian & Jewelry

Goodie 2 Shoes

Raven’s Crowne Jewels

Crazy House Inc

Taylor Piggott Gallery



Embolden Jewelry

Hide Out Leathers

Earthbound Trading Co.


Horizon Fine Art

Annie Band Jewelry

T.J. Maxx


307 Jackson – Artisans & Findings

Gaslight Alley

Boyer’s Indian Arts & Crafts


We added a short description to some of the jewelry stores you can find in Jackson Hole. This is to give you a simple overview of the jewelry store environment of Jackson Hole. There are plenty good “gems”.


The not so good ones do add a bit of flavor and excitement to the mix. We hope you won’t see them as something bad but as something that adds realism. As though the topic may be about beauty and grandeur, nothing can be more perfect with a little imperfection.


We’ve given you an unbiased review based on our research. Head down to some of these locations and let us know your experience.


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We hope this list of Jewelry Stores in Jackson Hole helped you find exactly what you are looking for!