Jeff Pugh at Mountain Trails Gallery

Jeff Pugh. "Watchtower," 24 x 18" Oil
Jeff Pugh. “Watchtower,” 24 x 18″ Oil

Reading artist statements is often akin to swallowing cotton; it sticks, and not in a good way~~you just can’t swallow. But artist statements need to exist as a touchstone for our own interpretations and feelings about artwork.

I like this statement by Jeff Pugh, whose new works are on exhibit through August 27th at Mountain Trails Gallery in downtown Jackson. 

“Art has always dominated the direction of my life.  I remember that when I was very young, I would go to my grandmothers and paint little watercolors with her as she painted.  Even then, I remember learning the importance of seeing. This has just continued through my life and has helped me learn and grow. It has filtered the way that I view my surroundings.  I no longer ignore the beauty of the landscape.  It isn’t just dirt and trees and sky.  It is a compound of colors and values and shapes.”

This, we like! Pugh’s work is defined by crisp lines, painterly brushstrokes and bright color. Mountain Trails is a large, “wander about” gallery. Go wander, and enjoy.

Jeff Pugh. "Grass Roots," 8 x 16" Oil
Jeff Pugh. “Grass Roots,” 8 x 16″ Oil


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