Jackson Hole Slang

Valley Car – The type of car owned by poor folk in Jackson Hole, often costing less than an ounce or two of gold and most frequently bearing many bumper stickers supporting tree-huggin, huntin, Capt. Bob and peace, all situated around the Suburu logo.

The Hole – Short for Jackson Hole, as in, “How long have you lived here in the hole?”

The Pass – Refers to Teton Pass on Highway 22.  Many local working folk live “Over The Hill” in Victor or Driggs Idaho and drive their valley cars over “the pass” to work in Jackson Hole.

The King or Town Hill – Refers to the Snow King Ski Resort’s ski hill that is at the South border of Jackson.

The Mountain – Refers to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, located in Teton Village.

The Village – Refers to Teton Village, WY  83025.

The Coach – refers to the Stagecoach Bar in Wilson, WY  83014.

The Virg – refers to the Virginian Restaurant or the Virginian Lodge