Dogs in Jackson Hole! Dog Gone JH

Dogs in Jackson Hole!  Dog Gone JH
Dogs in Jackson Hole
On Table Mountain, gazing at the Grand

Dogs are very popular in Jackson Hole.  We JH-ers LOVE our dogs!  🙂  A former roommate of mine in Jackson Hole, was the great nephew of the man that coined the term, “A man’s best friend.”  To many of us, that term is the absolute truth.

Another friend, Corie, who was the former Director of the local animal shelter, just made a social media post about the death of her dog.  We expect you will appreciate her eloquent words:

It is with heavy heart that I said goodbye to Chester today as he joins his ‘big sister’ Kate and ‘little brother’ Leo. His start in life was rough – abused, abandoned, and at the Shelter for a year – but he was always eager, never depressed.

In 2002 a play date with Kate turned into thirteen years of devoted companionship; he returned to the Shelter only as a visitor.

He remained forever quirky with strangers, which was unfortunate because no one besides his immediate family saw what an awesome dog he was. His appearance was difficult to describe – shar pei crossed with wild boar was a favorite response.

His enthusiasm knew no end. He was always ready for a car ride, no matter where it went (although hiking or running were his favorite destinations) and he was an easy traveling companion.

He could run faster than any dog I knew. Watching his head pop up over the gate when I drove up always made me smile.

Chester rolling in the grass
Chester rolling in the grass

Seeing his delight rolling in fresh grass made me want to get down and join him.

Chester in His Golden Years
Chester in His Golden Years

These past few years when he slowed down, crippled with arthritis, was painful to watch but he rarely revealed how much he had to hurt. Snuggling with him, listening to his peaceful snore, was always comforting. Watching him groom the cats made be believe peace on earth is possible.

He was the epitome of optimism and his positivism was contagious. I believe he made me a better person. Always by my side, his physical absence will be obvious, but he will never leave my heart. He was my friend; he will be missed.

Chester’s dad Garth writes, “Do dogs go to heaven? Of course, otherwise it wouldn’t be heaven.” -W. Garth Dowling

What heaven looks like
What heaven looks like!

We invite you to share YOUR kind words about YOUR departed dog gone JH pals as well!