Jackson Hole Authors

Jackson Hole Authors

Jackson Hole is home to and has inspired many amazing authors, from the more famous like Olaus Murie, Larken Rose and Ted Keresote to up and comers like Lynn Sherwood and Megan Griswold.  Something about the majestic Grand Tetons or the clean crisp air seems to bring inspiration to creative minds.

Resident Ted Keresote

Jackson Hole Authors
Ted Kerasote

Ted Kerasote, one of the most successful writers in Jackson, Wyoming, is the author of many books, including the national bestseller “Merle’s Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog” and “Out There: In The Wild in a Wired Age“, which won the National Outdoor Book Award.

Mr. Kerasote’s essays and photographs have appeared in Audubon, Geo, Outside, Science, The New York Times, and more than sixty other periodicals. Focusing on the interrelationship between people and nature, Ted’s writing continues to take him from the Arctic to Africa and many places in between.

His home, and the place he finds his peace and inspiration, remains Jackson Hole, the high valley that lies between the Teton and Gros Ventre mountains in northwestern Wyoming.

Resident Author – James Joseph

Jackson Hole resident James Joseph writes on a variety of topics, from ballroom dancing to “hearing the beat of music” to self help.  His books are available on Amazon here. His latest release in 2021 is our favorite of them all. The Quotable Contrarian is a wonderful book, click on the book cover below to learn more.

Jackson Hole Authors


Resident Author – Shepard Humphries

Author Shepard Humphries

Like many Jackson Hole writers, local philanthropist Shepard has enjoyed many paths including being a SWAT cop, entrepreneur, extreme long range shooting instructor, security consultant, customer service trainer and author.  His first book, an audio book, was produced to “help women live safer lives.”  Violence Prevention & Self-Defense for Women His second book, available on Amazon HERE, is a book written to help men find their way and “man up.” Harsh Advice for the Unemployed Guy.

Shepard, along with his partner Scott Austin, is currently writing a book on Extreme Long Range Recreational Shooting.

Resident Author – John Daily

Retired Teton County Deputy Sheriff turned scientific investigator John Daily wrote and published the definitive book on traffic crash investigation.  This book is for the serious and bright investigator and is not a  “casual Sunday read” for most of us.  As John says, “Open to any page and start reading.  I promise you will be asleep within 10 minutes.”  This book is very “mathy” and has helped many traffic collision investigators around the word find truth.

Fundamentals of Traffic Crash Reconstruction

Resident Author – Lynn Sherwood

Jackson Hole Authors Lynn Sherwood

Lynn Sherwood didn’t think her first published book would be about lung cancer, but when her 25 year old daughter was diagnosed, she was spurred to take action and write the book which would have benefited her.  Her labor of love, “Lung Cancer 101” is available for FREE free on OddlyGrateful.com to help you understand your diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options so that you can be in control of how you LIVE with lung cancer! She also developed “My Croak File.”
Learn more about Lynn Sherwood at LynnSherwood.com.

A former ER and medical-surgical nurse and end-of-life caregiver for over 20 years, Lynn is now composing “101 Questions to Ask Grandma Before She Dies,” a book to inspire you to not only get to know your family better but also to prompt you to consider your own mortality ~ how you want to be cared for in the last stages of your life, and how might you share this gift of communication with other the people who love you.  She is also seeking content contributors for “Traveling Ashes”, brought about as Lynn has been spreading her daughter’s ashes around the world, as Lauren had requested.  “The beautiful and challenging ~ and the strikingly odd, questionably legal and sometimes ridiculously hysterical (!) ~ people are sharing touching and surprising stories of sprinkling, burying and even secretly hoarding the ashes of their loved ones;  What’s your story?!

Resident Author – Amy Layne Litzelman

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Resident Author – Megan Griswold

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Jackson Hole Inspired Author Larken RosePeace Advocate Larken Rose

Best selling author Larken Rose described his visit to a friend’s ranch in Jackson Hole Wyoming as being “awe inspiring” as he rode a horse and looked up at the beautiful Grand Tetons.  Larken’s #1 book, The Most Dangerous Superstition, is available on Amazon HERE.

Resident Author – Matt Daly

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Resident Author – Tina Welling

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