Is Jackson Hole Open?

During the covid panic of 2020 and 2021, many people ask, “Is Jackson Hole open?” “Is Jackson Hole safe?” “What are the local’s attitudes?” Some admittedly biased thoughts are offered below, as you might guess, from a humanitarian/individual-rights perspective. We hope the following frank coffeeshop chat will help you sort out for yourself if this is a good time to visit the most beautiful place on earth.

“Is Jackson Hole open?”

Yes! We are mostly open. In March and April of 2020, local rulers essentially shut down most small businesses, and many did not re-open until May or June, and a good number were terminally destroyed by the local county commissioner’s and their subordinate’s rules. When businesses re-opened in May and June, many found summer 2020 in Jackson to be very good for many businesses. Other types of businesses had strict dictates about occupancy, and for restaurants who have to earn a certain amount per square feet, having their square feet cut by a large percentage really hurt.

As of the beginning of 2021, the fear campaign continued and most of the vocal locals were in complete compliance. Because of fear of being “cancelled” most local business owners are playing along and abiding by the mask dictates. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort brings in enough tax revenue that it is for the most part left well enough alone.

So, the above is a bit of the “why” behind the real answer, which is; yes! You can ski, snowmobile, dog sled, shoot guns, get taxi rides, eat out at restaurants stay at hotels and have a great time! Business owners and their employees want you to come visit even if the Mayor and Chamber of Commerce don’t!

“Is Jackson Hole safe?”

If you are truly concerned about covid-19; stay home & don’t risk it. To date, there have not been any deaths in Jackson Hole of which Covid-19 was the primary causal factor. Unfortunately, we have lost a few of our own to old age and illness, and about half a dozen have also had Covid-19 at the time of death.

Face covering compliance in most stores is at about 99.5%. We want you to come and visit and have a great time, however there are dozens of bugs you might catch, many skiers get broken bones, the roads are slick, there are avalanches and YOU are responsible for evaluating your own risk. We think it is pretty safe, and while you might get some bumps and bruises as trophies, your risk of dying from covid is about the same as the rest of the country, VERY low!

“What are the local’s attitudes?”

When the media and local rulers first began their campaign in March 2020, many locals panicked. Our area is comprised of old fashioned rancher-types, affluent second home owners and the thriving Teton County majority of progressive residents who relocated here within the last 20 years. This wonderful mix certainly brings about some fun conversations and an interesting change from the worldviews held by “locals” for the previous 100 years.

The majority in Jackson Hole, who work as politicians, directors of non-profits, school teachers, police, other government jobs and who are primarily left-leaning, believe most of what they hear on CNN, NPR news etc and relish anything having to do with central planning. The old fashioned rancher-types are common sense problem-solvers, most of whom believe whatever they hear on FOX news. The affluent second-home owners didn’t get rich without having many connections with heavy hitters, and they are for the most part staying home and playing along with whatever the official narrative is. In the summer of 2020, many refugees from California and New York purchased homes in Jackson Hole to get away from the craziness back in their home states.

As the months go by, and “recommendations” to submit to vaccines become dictates, most locals will submit. (For masks, I estimate 90% compliance occurred by May, and by June it was at 98%. By October, over 99%.) When helpful monitoring technology becomes mandatory, most will submit. Except for a few dozen people, you will find Jackson Hole locals quite obedient and trusting of whatever the mainstream news puts out.

If you are looking to escape YOUR state’s oppressiveness though, most other places in Wyoming will offer you more individual freedom that Teton County. Teton County is sometimes called a “suburb of Marin County California.”

If you watch mainstream news, some great info on Covid can be found here:

If you are an independent thinker, the following video about masks is interesting.

Is Jackson Hole open