Homage to Native American Culture at Altamira

R. Tom Gilleon Innocents in a Sense Oil on Canvas 58 x 58 inches
R. Tom Gilleon: Innocents in a Sense. Oil on Canvas, 58 x 58 inches.

Jackson Hole’s Fall Arts Festival begins in a matter of days. Altamira Fine Art is rolling out its double exhibition of works by painter R. Tom Gilleon and sculptor Greg Woodard. Gilleon’s Confluence of Cultures and Woodard’s Break Through are on display September 1 – 12th. Gilleon will be on hand at the gallery at an opening reception Friday, September 11, from 5-8pm at Altamira.

Innocents in a Sense depicts nine Native American portraits, each figure looking in different directions, taking the viewer’s eye completely around Gilleon’s large-scale canvas. Of his Native American portraits, Gilleon remarks that they are as powerful and as recognizable as any cultural figures on earth.

The best write-up on Gilleon’s ubiquitous teepees comes from the monthly magazine “Western Art Collector,” which describes these figures as simple compositions that “peel open, revealing abstract shapes and colors, complex configurations, and a cobalt-tinted horizon line that seems to stretch into oblivion.”

Tom Gilleon: Eastern Gold. Oil, 36 x 36"
Tom Gilleon: Eastern Gold. Oil, 36 x 36″

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