by Angeli Billones

Jackson hole has a number of galleries to choose from but from all the galleries these have stood out. When in Jackson hall don’t forget to visit these places.

Altamira Fine Art

art in jackson hole

Located at 172 Center Street 100, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Here in this art gallery you will see western contemporary art, which they also exhibit and sell. The art gallery portrays various types of fine art from acrylic, oil and bronze paintings to digital art installations. One of their artists is Steve Kestrel, a Prix de West Purchase Award winner of 2013, and other artists like Glenn Dean, and David Grossmann. You’ll be captivated by the eccentric exhibit in the gallery.


Trailside Gallery

You’ll find it at 130 East Broadway Jackson, Wyoming.

They are considered one of the leading dealers in representational art. They also continue to expand their collection and while showcasing various types of art such as paintings, sculptures, western furniture, and etcetera. Also specializing in figurative, impressionist, western, wildlife, and landscape works created by prominent artists. When it comes to making deals with the prestigious gallery you will not have a problem since they know how to assist clients in a genuinely kind manner. It also an ideal and strategic since you find the town square close by.


Mangelsen Images of Nature

Art galleries in jackson hole

It is located at 170 North Cache Street, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. If you want to see the majestic images of the great outdoors. This is the gallery that displays magnificent photos of nature and wildlife. But what makes this gallery so special is that the collection contains photos that were taken by a world-renowned nature photographer Thomas Mangelsen. He is known for his understanding of nature as a biologist and unique eye for beauty as an artist. The images will teleport you right where flora and the fauna are. They will educate you with animal behavior and amaze you with breathtaking pictures. Majestic creatures, you would never dream of seeing up close roaming free as if frozen in time like grizzly bears, elephants, giraffes, wolves, cougars, stallion and the like.

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