7 Free Things To Do In Jackson Hole

7 free things to do in Jackson Hole!

For visitors on a budget, our valley offers many great opportunities!  Here at the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, donors of this blog, we cater to HNW travelers.  At the same time we appreciate that many of the best things in life are free!

Spending time with the family enjoying the Great Outdoors, whether accomplishing anything or simply relaxing and watching the clouds pass by, can be one of the greatest bonding moments of your vacation!  We would love to share some ideas with you!

Hiking in Jackson Hole

Our area offers many great places to hike, climb and play!  Whether you choose a guided hike through your resort or with a provider like The Hole Hiking Experience, you are sure to have a great time, get a blister or several, see some pretty incredible sights and most importantly, relax and be at peace.

Biking in Jackson Hole

If you brought your bicycles, you are in for a treat!  Whether you want a casual ride on the plentiful paved government pathways, a technically challenging mountain bike trail or downhill madness – Jackson Hole has great bike trails for you!

Photography in Jackson Hole

Did you bring a camera?  Get out and shoot, we have SO MANY wonderful views in the area!  Please share your best shots on our FACEBOOK page!

Star Gazing in Jackson Hole

City-folk love Jackson Hole’s clear and starry nights!  You don’t need a telescope to lay down on your back and stare up into the sky!  There are free apps for smart phones that can help you identify individual stars and planets as well as constellations.

Swimming in Jackson Hole

Whether you are ready to brave the chilly waters of the Snake River or other high mountain bodies of water or if you prefer the warmth of a natural hot spring; there is water in Jackson Hole for you!  Kelly Warm Springs is easily accessible and a great place for kids to wade and play!  Free Things To Do In Jackson Hole abound, and swimming is just one of them!

Rocking it in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Activity of Rock Balancing and StackingThese activities are best for families with creative minds!

There are many ways to play with rocks, from climbing on them to collecting them to stacking them into cool towers.  There are many places around Jackson Hole for scrambling.

Check with the government in whatever jurisdiction you hope to collect rocks to be sure it is not illegal.

Rock stacking, also called “stone balancing” is a great mental exercise to keep the brain sharp!  Please take photos of YOUR best balancing acts and share them on our facebook page!


If you want to camp “fancy style” you will need to pay the government to use the developed camping places in their parks.

Colter Bay Campground
Gros Ventre Campground
Headwaters Campground and RV sites at Flagg Ranch
Jenny Lake Campground
Lizard Creek Campground
Signal Mountain Campground

If you are willing to rough it though, and actually camp the way folks have for thousands of years, there are many places to pull off the beaten path and camp.  Remember that the more “challenges” you and your family face, the stronger the memories that you will build.

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