Exceptional Off Site Catering Services in Jackson Hole

Food is the centerpiece of human association, and your social event is no exception, so your catering service makes or breaks your event. When choosing a contractor, you need one that is reliable with an excellent track record to ensure a successful event. You and your guests have standards, so satisfy those with the very best catering services!

There are a LOT of companies and contractors in Jackson Hole that provide off-site catering services, so we have sifted through your options and found the crème de la crème. Each of the four below represent a different servicing style that will be more or less attractive based on your specific needs and desires. If you’re looking for the best catering service to make your event a culinary success, you’ve stumbled upon the right article!

Incredible Edibles

First, we have to mention Incredible Edibles. Yes, it’s incredible. The company has been a favorite of both locals and visitors since 1985. Their customers leave nothing but praise for the food quality and the friendly service. If you want your guests raving about the food at your event, Incredible Edibles is your partner. Their food is simply mouthwatering! What’s their secret? Well it’s a secret, so we can’t tell you. But we can say that they only use fresh ingredients.

Unprocessed Kitchen

Speaking of fresh ingredients, next up is the Unprocessed Kitchen. If your guests are all about healthy food, Unprocessed Kitchen is your best friend. They offer custom meal delivery and private chef services. They also offer one-on-one cooking lessons if you want to learn how they create their unique dishes. Customized catering is their specialty, so tell them what you want and they’ll get it done. As they say, “You wish it, we dish it!” They will begin servicing the Jackson Hole area in Winter 2019.

Persephone Bakery

If you’re on the search for the best baked goods, the Persephone Bakery is your first and last stop. Their artisanal breads and pastries are phenomenal. Each bite gives you a glimpse into an earthly paradise where there is no evil, but only Persephone Bakery! They cater to breakfasts and brunches. You can also stop by and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends at their French-inspired yet distinctly Western café in Jackson.


Bistro Catering

Then there’s the gourmet catch-all Bistro Catering. This service will work with you to create the perfect experience that fits your event like a delicious glove. Whether you are planning a corporate event or a casual get-together, they can help you create a menu that works with your budget, preferences, and theme. Their expert team is flexible and intuitive, with plenty of experience, so give them as much slack as you’re willing and they’ll take care of you.

These catering services are unique in their own ways. We hope you enjoy these reliable off-site catering services!