Best Activity in Jackson Hole

Best Activity in Jackson Hole



Luxury Entertainment Multi-Gun Shooting Experience

“Many families and groups are looking for unique outdoor activities in Jackson Hole. We offer a safe, fun, and educational 3-hour Multi-Gun Shooting Experience that will strengthen connections and build memories, making your vacation a huge success.” -#shootinjh

things to do in jackson holeWhat’s Included in your private shooting experience

  • A huge firearms selection of over 50 guns
  • Up to 300 shots of ammunition, every experience is customized
  • Paper and metal targets
  • Eye and electronic hearing protection
  • World-class Private instructor
  • Shooting range fees
  • Bottled water and snacks
  • Shooting equipment & course set-up & clean-up


This experience is perfect for both novice and experienced guests. Their coaches tailor the experience to fit everyone’s needs. As of November of 2022, the cost was $1000 for the first two guests and $250 for each additional guest.

Getting Started

After a safety briefing, you’ll start shooting under the guidance of a friendly private instructor, focusing on the shooting fundamentals in a fun and educational manner.

Moving On

Next, your private coach will introduce you to larger-caliber handguns & rifles, you will take turns firing rounds through a variety of these guns, including revolvers and semi-automatic pistols.

Frequently Asked Questions#1 top rated activity on trip advisor

  • Is there an age limit? No specific age limit; safety and maturity are their top priorities.
  • Are there hidden fees? No! Their price includes everything with no surprise fees.
  • How many guns will we shoot? It depends on the group’s size and pace; typically, you’ll shoot between 8 and 30 guns.
  • Can we just shoot machine guns and 50 calibers? No, however they can customize your experience to suit your preferences.
  • What if it’s cold or bad weather? They have overhead protection and a warming room for comfort.
  • Is it safe? Yes, safety is their utmost concern, and they provide thorough guidance and tips.
  • Do you offer long-range shooting classes? Yes, they offer 1-Day long-range rifle classes and experiences through Nomad Rifleman.

Booking and Pricing Details

  • $1000 for the first two participants / $250 per additional guest (2022 prices)
  • Up to 3 hours of shooting instruction and fun
  • Customized experiences for each group
  • Additional coach & shooting bench available for larger groups

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