Art Fair, Jackson Hole Style


Art Fair Jackson Hole, produced by the Jackson Hole Art Association, happens at Miller Park in downtown Jackson, August 7th-9th. This family-friendly fair has something for everyone. Great arts, crafts, sculpture, jewelry, wearable art, photography….there’s live music, kid’s games, and lots of food. 

In honor of the fair, I’ve written a rap:

Hey, ’tis Summer!
So it’s time to share
‘Bout that annual gig
The Jackson Hole Art Fair!

Or “Art Fair Jackson Hole”
As it likes to be called;
Nobody asked me—I’m not involved.
No matter the title
It’s a time we’re aware
Of Art that is new,
And Art that is rare.
If it suits you, please dine
On big chocolate éclairs. 


Hey, man
Don’t be bored;
Sometimes Harrison Ford
Comes to check out the art
And he brings Flockhart!

Buy ceramics, toys, fiber!
This poem’s the town crier
For an art fair weekend
Come rain or come shine-er.
Paintings, baskets, jewels, tents;
Sunscreen and some fivers
All make for a day
The whole family could die for!

See the Fair! Have fun.
This poem is so done.

Photo courtesy Art Fair Jackson Hole.
Photo courtesy Art Fair Jackson Hole.

There is a modest fair entry fee, but once your hand has been stamped, come and go as you please! All funds benefit the Art Association of Jackson Hole, our local home for art classes, local artist exhibitions, art sales and all manner of art happenings. So do see the Fair!