Amazing Golf Courses in Jackson Hole

by Alexis Aislin

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is known for its scenic views and its outdoors and indoors activity that will leave you breathless. Golf is a well-known sport that provides decent exercise and a challenge that will be fun and leave thoughts of satisfaction or frustration.  Going on a trip to Jackson Hole and including a round of golf not only offers you a scenic background of mountain ranges, but also offers magnificent golfing memories with the lush green ways and good times with new friends.

The Jackson hole area has a lot of golf courses that will satiate your craving for a great place and a good game. Jackson Hole has facilities that will guarantee a great choice for experienced players. Golf rentals and lessons are also available at several courses where professionals will offer to teach first timers who would want to work on their swings and postures.  Maybe you can improve your chipping with THIS club and a bit of instruction?

Amazing Golf Courses

There are amazing golf courses that are private and semi-private. The well-known golf courses in Jackson Hole, Wyoming are 3 Creek Ranch Golf Course and Club, Headwaters Golf Club at Teton Springs, which is in Idaho nearby, Huntsman Springs Golf Course & Club, also in Idaho, Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club, Shooting Star Golf Course, Star Valley Golf Courses, Targhee Village Golf Course in Idaho, and Teton Pines Golf Course & Club. Aside from the mentioned establishments, Jackson Hole has a lot more to offer when it comes to playing golf.

Teton Pines Golf Course and Club is a public golf course designed by Arnold Palmer in 1987. This golf course has an 18-hole course with frequent animal visitors that is simply amazing.  Shooting Star Golf Course is a private golf course in Teton Village, Wyoming. Designer Tom Fazio sensitively designed the course to its environment at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Amazing Golf Courses

Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club is a semi-private golf course in Jackson, Wyoming. First to open for business in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and is now the most sought-after golf destination. Frequently visited for its breathtakingly beautiful state-of-the-art design. They also have instructional programs where you can practice and polish your skills to your heart’s content. Whether it is playing professionally or for fun, it’s the best place to be.

Jackson Hole is truly a place of wonders. If you want to have a great golf experience at amazing golf courses, come to Jackson Hole and have a great time.

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