Altamira Fine Art

Altamira Fine Art



Altamira Fine Art: A Beacon of Western Contemporary Art in Jackson Hole

An exploration of the vibrant art scene and unique offerings of one of Jackson Hole’s most renowned art galleries.


Discovering Altamira Fine Art

Nestled just off the historic Jackson Town Square, Altamira Fine Art stands as a prestigious destination for art lovers. Renowned for its specialization in Western Contemporary artwork, this gallery offers a year-round panorama of art exhibitions, complemented by monthly artist receptions.


The vibrant art schedule at Altamira Fine Art ensures that visitors and art aficionados always have something new and exciting to witness. This dynamic approach has established Altamira as a must-visit spot in Jackson Hole’s artistic landscape.


Altamira Fine Art Gallery

A Diverse Spectrum of Art Forms

Altamira Fine Art embraces a variety of art forms, ranging from traditional oil paintings and acrylics to contemporary glass and bronze sculptures. The gallery also showcases mixed media and digital art installations, reflecting its commitment to a diverse artistic expression.


This eclectic range of mediums and styles is a testament to the gallery’s dedication to both the traditional and the avant-garde, making it a place where art in all its forms is celebrated and appreciated.


Spotlight on Artists

The gallery features an eclectic roster of artists. For instance, Geoffry Gersten, an Arizona-based painter, is known for his abstract expressionism and photorealism. His work blends hyper-realistic subject matter with a background of feeling, characterized by spontaneity.


Another notable artist, Mary Roberson, blends impressionist and surrealist techniques in her paintings. Inspired by her love of nature, Mary’s art is a harmonious fusion of emotion and environment.


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For more information about Altamira and its offerings, visit the official website.