A Deeper Look At Trip Advisor Ratings!

A Deeper Look At Trip Advisor Ratings!

Have you ever wanted to figure out how one business rates compared to another on Trip Advisor?
Let’s take a deeper look at Trip Advisor ratings.

Try using our handy calculator. Enter the numbers displayed on Trip Advisor for the business that
you are examining in the yellow highlighted areas and see the percentage score magically appear!
Do not change any of the cells except yellow ones! 🙂

Other things to consider when judging

It is also important to consider how long the business has been active and how many reviews it has. A business that has been in existence for a week that has a single review that is 5-stars would earn a 100% star rating score, but…

It is a good idea to put more trust in businesses that have “proven” themselves. Maybe those that have been in business for a few years and have earned a few hundred reviews?

What is the highest rated business on Trip Advisor in Jackson Hole?

So, what business in Jackson Hole with over 250 reviews and 2 or more years in business has the highest score? Let’s take a deeper look at Trip Advisor ratings.

The top rated business in the Rocky Mountain Region ( Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming) comes in with a score of 99.95% with 793 reviews! Congratulations Jackson Hole Shooting Experience! (If you know of any activity, lodging, restaurant or other Trip Advisor business that has surpassed them – please let us know!)

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How to do the math longhand:


How many reviews multiplied by 5 (total number of possible stars).

For example, a business with 130 reviews had the potential to earn 130×5=650 stars.


  • How many reviews are 5-star? 75 Multiply this number by 5.  375
  • How Many reviews are 4-star? 24 Multiply this number by 4.  96
  • How many reviews are 3-star? 12 Multiply this number by 3.  36
  • How Many reviews are 2-star? 10 Multiply this number by 2.  20
  • How many reviews are 1-star? 9 Multiply this number by 1.  9


Add the total stars in B.

375+96+36+20+9=536. In other words, our fictional business earned 536 stars out of a possible 650 stars.


Divide the total stars earned by the total possible stars.

536 ÷ 650 = .8246 which rounds down to 83%. Our fictional business scores 83%.