5 Most Unique Activities in Jackson Hole

5 Most Unique Activities in Jackson Hole

So, when we take vacations, there are some things that we can do anywhere.  An example would be to get a cup of coffee or work out in a gym.  Others are unique to “outdoors lifestyle” destinations like white water rafting or rock climbing.  Still others are even more special, and are offered at very few places in the world, some ONLY in Jackson Hole!  What are the top 5 most unique activities in Jackson Hole a person can do?

Climb the Grand Teton – exumguides.com  or JH Mountain Guides

There are a number of excellent mountain guide service companies in Jackson Hole.  I have not worked with any of them, and I have heard nothing but good about all of them.  Do some research, make a choice and have a great time!  The Grand Teton is a very unique mountain, and the trek to the top is possible for most able-bodied persons.  It is a hard 2-day hike, but well worth the exhilarating view and sense of accomplishment when you reach the top!

If you don’t have time for the full climb, there are other scrambling and technical climbs available in Jackson Hole.  Contact your favorite climbing guide service to learn more!
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Shoot guns in Wyoming – luxury entertainment shooting experience

In 2010, a retired SWAT cop started a unique firearms business unlike any other in the world.  Most of us are familiar with the Las Vegas style machine gun rental places and the typical gun store at which you can rent a gun, buy a box of overpriced shells and shoot at their indoor range.  This option was based on Jackson Hole’s wealthy part time and tourist population, and was introduced as the world’s first premier luxury entertainment shooting experience & instruction firm.

This firm, the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, remains the #1 rated shooting experience in the world, and owner Shepard Humphries says that many around the country have, “tried to copy, but none have equaled or surpassed.”

one mile shot excursionShepard consults with other luxury entertainment shooting experience firms in hopes of helping create thousands of similar options around the US.  In Jackson Hole, visitors with a “healthy purse” can enjoy the original Multi-Gun experience the firm made popular.

With world class instructors, you are sure to have a blast!  When you ask what to do in Jackson, Wy, these folks have your answer!  A One Mile Shot luxury long range shooting adventure is also now available through their subsidiary, Nomad Rifleman.

Fly Fishing Activities in Jackson Hole

Whether you choose to fish with a local legend like Josh Steketee, John Hoovan or Don Wackerman guiding your excursion or simply want to stop into JD-High County Outfitters and outfit yourself with the necessary gear and knowledge, fly fishing activities in Jackson Hole are numerous.  From fishing from the bank to renting an ATV and going to Soda Lake for a day to a Wooden Boat Tour in High Style through Four Seasons, there are many options in Jackson Hole!

Activities in Jackson Hole Rafting Jackson Hole Fishing

According to Bill Dui, the Snake River has some of the best fishing in the valley and is very accommodating for half-day trips.  Another of the highlights of Snake River fly fishing is the fact that it is home to its very own indigenous subspecies of trout – the Fine Spotted Snake River Cutthroat Trout. This beautiful trout is eager to strike and can be recognized by its explosive power.
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Llama Trek – www.jacksonholellamatrekking.com

With the help of their llamas, you can hike and camp comfortably in the pristine Greater Yellowstone area on a multi-day llama trekking trip. They will take you into the Jedediah Smith Wilderness or Yellowstone National Park, home to bald eagles, moose, elk, grizzly and black bear, wolves and more. These wild environments transcend words like breathtaking, magnificent and spectacular. The owners Jill & Dave are long-time locals and provide an excellent experience!

Whether hiking at 10,000 feet amidst runoff streams, fields of wildflowers and high alpine lakes or through Lodgepole pine forests, expansive meadows, geothermal areas, rivers and waterfalls, you will return home from an unparalleled and unforgettable experience. Let them take you llamaneering!

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Rodeo experience – introductiontorodeo.com

Introduction To Rodeo is a different kind of horseback riding experience than is commonly offered at other western locations.   You will learn and perform rodeo-style events with rodeo horses in the practice arena on a working cattle ranch in Jackson Hole.  Professional rodeo folks will be working with you on an individual basis as you try different events and go at whatever speed you want to go at. You will learn about the sport of rodeo and  make memories with your friends and family as you learn and perform horseback rodeo activities you’ve only seen from the stands or on TV. By the end of the session you will be roping from your own horse.

Relax and enjoy the trained rodeo performance horses. Safe, gentle and predictable, these horses are rodeo performers. You may see these same horses under the Putnams at the Wednesday and Saturday night Jackson Hole Rodeos. Get excited for a one-of-a-kind horseback experience that may just be the most fun and memorable part of your Jackson Hole adventure.  They don’t claim to be fancy or high flutin’ they are just good western folks that want to show guests a good western time!  It is a favorite of Activities in Jackson Hole.

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 5 Most Unique Activities in Jackson Hole