5 Great Places for Morning Coffee in Jackson Hole

5 Great Places for Morning Coffee in Jackson Hole

5 Great Places for Morning Coffee in Jackson Hole

By Alexis Aislin Basilla

Jackson Hole may be famous for their authentic Old West feel and picture-perfect nature sceneries, but that’s not the only thing they are known for. Locals and tourists alike, adore the local spots where you can relax and have a great cup of morning coffee. If you are planning on visiting Jackson Hole any time soon, read more below to know more about the places that serve good morning coffee.

5 Great Places for Morning Coffee in Jackson Hole

Picnic Coffee & Café

Picnic is a new element located in western Jackson which is somewhat like a branch restaurant of the very well-known Persephone Bakery. They offer local favorites; may it be pastries or meals straight from the bakery itself. They also have also offer organic blend coffee from their local store Snake River Roasters which is available as a packet for sale as well as by cup.


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Persephone Bakery

Offering bread and pastry artisans made from fresh and high-quality ingredients, Persephone Bakery will make your mouth water. The bakery serves local dishes for breakfast and lunch which you can get with their artisanal roaster intelligentsia coffee.


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Cowboy Coffee Co.

Located at the Town Square, Cowboy Coffee Co., is easily accessible by both locals and tourists who are looking for a good place to relax and enjoy a good cup of coffee. You can choose from their wide range of coffee blends; from Original Cowboy blend which you can have as decaf to Rustler’s blend. Make sure to try their best-seller, Snicker Latter when you visit Jackson Hole.


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Jackson Hole Roaster – Restaurant & Coffeehouse

Located a block from the town square, Jackson Hole Roaster is housed at one of the oldest buildings in Jackson Hole. They offer organic coffee made from fresh coffee beans that they roast themselves. Keeping their customers happy and satisfied is one of their main goals in the coffeehouse. Aside from coffee, breakfast and lunch meals are also available.


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The Bunnery Bakery & Restaurant

The Bunnery Bakery & Restaurant is located at the heart of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This local spot ensures that all their dishes they make only make use of the freshest ingredients to give their customers delicious yet nutritious food. They are a local favorite for breakfast and lunch meals. They also serve a delicious cup of coffee to accompany your meal.