3 Top Activities in Jackson Hole per Trip Advisor

3 Top Activities in Jackson Hole per Trip Advisor

We asked TripAdvisor what the three highest rated activities in Jackson Hole were, and we got our answer! Here are the 3 Top Activities in Jackson Hole per TripAdvisor!

#1 of the top 3 Jackson Attractions Jackson Hole Shooting Experience3 Top Activities in Jackson Hole per TripAdvisor

The Jackson Hole Shooting Experience is a premier destination for firearm enthusiasts and beginners alike. Nestled in the stunning natural beauty of Jackson Hole, this unique shooting range offers a wide array of firearms to choose from, catering to various skill levels. The Multi-Gun Rifle and Pistol Experience stands out, allowing participants to engage with different types of firearms in a safe, controlled environment. Instructors emphasize safety and education, ensuring a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Set against the backdrop of Wyoming’s breathtaking landscapes, the shooting range provides an outdoor setting that enhances the overall experience. This activity is not just about shooting; it’s about immersing oneself in the rugged beauty of the area while learning a new skill or honing an existing one and connecting with those you love. The range’s commitment to safety and education makes it a top choice for families and groups seeking an adventurous yet secure activity.

#2 Jackson Hole Rodeo #2 of the 3 Top Activities in Jackson Hole per TripAdvisor

Things to do in Jackson Hole - Rodeo

The Jackson Hole Rodeo is an embodiment of Western culture and tradition. This family-friendly event provides an authentic glimpse into the exciting world of rodeo. Visitors can witness a range of rodeo activities, from bull riding to barrel racing, showcasing the skills and bravery of the cowboys and cowgirls. The event’s atmosphere is charged with energy and enthusiasm, making it a memorable experience for both first-time visitors and rodeo aficionados.

Attending the rodeo offers a chance to connect with the local culture and history. It’s an event that brings together community members and tourists, creating a vibrant and welcoming environment. The Jackson Hole Rodeo is more than just a sporting event; it’s a celebration of Western heritage that has been cherished for generations, making it one of the 3 Top Activities in Jackson Hole per TripAdvisor.

#3 Steve Mattheis Photography Workshops

photography lessons things to do in jackson hole

Steve Mattheis Photography Workshops provide an unparalleled opportunity for photography enthusiasts to learn and grow. Led by professional photographer Steve Mattheis, these workshops take place in the stunning Grand Teton National Park. Participants can explore and capture the natural beauty of the park, from majestic wildlife to breathtaking landscapes.


The workshops cater to various skill levels, offering personalized guidance and instruction. They are not just about taking photos; they’re about seeing the world through a new lens and appreciating the intricate beauty of nature. Participants leave with not only beautiful photographs but also a deeper understanding of photography as an art form.


Contact information and more details for each of the 3 Top Activities in Jackson Hole per TripAdvisor are here:

  1. Jackson Hole Shooting Experience: https://shootinjh.com/
  2. Jackson Hole Rodeo: https://jhrodeo.com/
  3. Steve Mattheis Photography Workshops: https://stevemattheis.com/