20 Summer Activities in Jackson Hole

20 Summer Activities in Jackson Hole

20 Summer Activities in Jackson Hole – Oh Yeah, and Places to Eat!

In the idyllic valley of Jackson Hole, where resplendent natural beauty dances with a unique cultural tapestry, we locals of are privileged to live, work, and play. The region’s world-renowned allure is but a backdrop for the cherished, lesser-known gems that have captivated the hearts of those who call this place home. In addition to the beloved and exhilarating pastimes of fly fishing on the Snake, target shooting with the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, and riding horses through beautiful mountain meadows, let us share with you a symphony of our favorite local haunts, where the notes of discovery intertwine with the melody of the extraordinary.

  1. With the harmonious hum and twang of live music, the Cowboy Bar welcomes visitors with the embrace of saddle barstools and the irresistible charm of free swing dance lessons on Thursday nights.
  2. Silver Dollar Bar & Showroom, fondly known as “the Wort,” delights with bluegrass tunes and lively dancing on Tuesday nights. Local’s tip, check ahead of time, some bands calling their style “bluegrass – don’t even have a banjo in the band – thus NOT bluegrass! Do some research on the band!
  3. As summer graces Jackson Hole, the much-anticipated Jackson Hole Live concert series unfolds, bringing families together amidst food trucks, spirited dancing, and soul-stirring music.
  4. The morning light shines upon D.O.G., or “Down on Glen,” a clandestine culinary treasure serving the finest breakfast burritos (a much more kind definition that awesome gut bomb) to fuel a day of boundless adventure.
  5. Pearl Street Bagels, a Jackson classic, offers the warm embrace of freshly made bagels to a devoted following.
  6. Though not quite hidden, the French-style bakery Persephone delights with divine pastries and coffee in a chic atmosphere, while
  7. Cowboy Coffee serves up specialty beverages and locally roasted beans in a cozy sanctuary just off Town Square.
  8. Take a hike! As one ascends Josie’s Ridge, the steep trail leads to breathtaking panoramas of Jackson and the Teton Range.
  9. Take another hike! The five-mile roundtrip trek through Death Canyon to Phelps Lake offers a refreshing dip in its crystalline waters.
  10. The Snake River Overlook and the Wedding Tree present stunning photographic opportunities, along with 2,385,786 other places in our valley.

  11. Relish the invigorating thrill of plunging into Phelps Lake from the Jumping Rock, or…
  12. Seek solace in the serenity of Granite Hot Springs, where the healing warmth of nature awaits.
  13. In the embrace of the twilight, enjoy half-priced drinks at Bin 22’s happy hour or
  14. Delight in $6 margaritas and delectable fare at Hatch Taqueria & Tequila.
  15. The Deck at Piste and…
  16. Dornan’s enchant with spectacular valley views and an array of enticing amenities, while
  17. The Bird boasts a convivial atmosphere and sumptuous burgers nestled within English muffins. It ain’t what it once was, but it is still pretty good!
  18. The Local entices with valley-sourced fare and the irresistible allure of truffle fries.
  19. For a romantic interlude, The Blue Lion offers an intimate evening of fine dining and live music, whereas
  20. FIGS enchants with an authentic Lebanese-Mediterranean culinary experience amidst rustic décor.

Which of these activities will you include in your itinerary?