START Jackson Hole Bus System

START Jackson Hole Bus System

By Brigette Christensen, Jackson Hole Event Guru


Jackson Hole bus system


The town of Jackson, Teton County, and the government has implemented a bus system called “START Bus” to help locals and commuters find their way around the area. The system is great but it is helpful to know a couple of tips and tricks before you begin riding. Below is a general overview of their services off of the START Bus website. I have also listed the fares chart found on their website,

“The START system is funded partially by the Town of Jackson, Teton County, and the federal government.  It has been in operation since 1987, and was first implemented to be the skier’s transportation from the town to Teton Village.

Today the START bus serves school-age kids, visitors, and the locals in Jackson who enjoy comfortable, reliable public transportation year-round.

START also provides commuter service Monday through Friday from Star Valley, Wyoming and Teton Valley, Idaho to Jackson. The commuter service is a convenient, affordable and safe way for employees who live outside of Jackson to get to work.


There are a variety of transportation options to choose from while visiting or living in Jackson. Whether it’s a bicycle, taxi, bus, shuttle, or stagecoach getting around Jackson is fun and convenient. The FREE Town Shuttle operates daily bus service and serves most hotels, galleries, shops and restaurants within the Town of Jackson.

If you’ve decided to enjoy a bicycle while you are here, there is an extensive network of bike paths within and surrounding Jackson to support your eco-friendly choice. All Town Shuttles are equipped with bike racks so that the bike paths can be used in conjunction with the bus to get you where you’re going. Jackson has numerous taxi companies offering door- to-door service around the Town, Teton Village, National Parks, and out to the airport. Many hotels and motels offer complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport so check with the front desk when you make your reservations.”


Within Jackson town limits, Village Rd Transit Center(Stilson)<–>Teton Village FREE
Jackson – Teton Village, Village Rd Transit Center (Stilson), Wilson, or Hoback: 1 ride (one way) $3
Jackson – Teton Village: 1 ride (one way) – on Teton Village Road Only $1
Jackson – Teton Village or Hoback: Season Pass $125
Jackson – Teton Village or Hoback: 10 Ride Discount Book $24
Jackson – Star Valley: 1 ride (one way) $8
Jackson – Star Valley: 10 rides $42
Jackson – Star Valley Monthly Pass $105
Jackson – Teton Valley: 1 ride (one way) $8
Jackson – Teton Valley: 10 rides $42
Jackson – Teton Valley Monthly Pass $105


I ride the START Bus system most weekdays to travel from Driggs, Idaho to Jackson, Wyoming for my job with Jackson Hole Shooting Experience. I always find most people on the bus are incredibly friendly. Don’t be afraid to ask someone for help if you have any questions. The bus is usually on time but can be late due to traffic, car accidents or extra requested stops along the way. The bus will never leave early so don’t panic if you see the bus as you pull into the parking lot two minutes early. Be sure to double check the stops for the bus. Luckily, the bus system reaches most of Jackson Hole but it is always better to be safe than sorry.


The fares to travel are expensive if you come from outside of Jackson Hole, especially paying daily. If you are a commuter like myself, I suggest buying a monthly pass to make the bus experience cheaper than driving a car. The easiest way to buy a monthly pass is by grabbing an envelope from the bus driver when you first board the bus. Fill out the information on the front of the envelope. Enclose the exact amount of change or a check written out to START Bus. Give the envelope to your bus driver as you leave. When you get back on the bus in the evening for a ride home, tell the bus driver your name. He or she will then give you back your filled out envelope with your bus pass inside instead of your payment. PRO TIP: If you are buying a monthly pass, buy two at once! If you buy two months at once, the total is only $200, saving you $10 for the two months. 


Lastly, always make sure you have exact change if you are going to pay in cash! The bus driver will take your entire $20 bill if you only owe him or her $8 because he or she does not have change. START Bus does warn you about this on their website as well. 


The START Bus is a great way to travel around the Teton County area. Remember these tips and tricks and you will be a Teton County local in no time! Don’t be afraid to say hi if you ever see me on the bus. I hope to see you around!