Fun Things To Do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

Activities in Jackson Hole

Activities in Jackson Hole

Fun Things To Do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

Shooting Range Near Jackson Wyoming

While visiting Wyoming, many luxury travelers enjoy visiting the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, shooting range near Jackson Wyoming.  This firearms shooting experience is the first of it’s kind in the world, and remains the international leader in luxury entertainment shooting experiences.Shooting Range Near Jackson Wyoming

Founded in 2010, this boutique shooting range offers premier shooting instruction and experiences to both novice and experienced shooters alike.  JHSE is located in Teton County Wyoming, which is consistently rated the “wealthiest county in the US” or at least in the top 3.  Just as well heeled part time residents and visitors demand world class restaurants, they also demand world class recreational activities in Jackson Hole.

Unlike standard shooting ranges that offer gun rentals with only minimal instruction, this firm focuses on fun and bringing families together through safe, fun and educational shooting sports.  Founder Shepard Humphries said that he intentionally designed the experience to NOT be like the Las Vegas gun experiences.  The firm’s shooting instructors are the best in the industry, and the focus is on novice and intermediate level shooters.

Shooting Range Wyoming

While tactical firearms training is offered for families that want to learn to better protect themselves, Humphries says their niche is not in competing with the 10s of thousands of other “hard core tacti-cool militaristic profanity-yelling” firearms academies around the country.  Humphries said that “Many of our clients from our security consultation company choose to also receive comprehensive shooting instruction with us.”  This is not the thrust of their mission however.  “It is about fun and connections.”

What is this companies philosophy?



Corporate Group Activities

Group activities in Jackson Hole for family reunions, corporate groups and wedding parties!  They foster fun competitions and fun is had by all.  Most of their guests proclaim their shooting experience as the best activity of their vacation, and many say it is the best of any vacation!




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September Activities in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole’s busiest season for summer tourism is July and August, however there are many fun September Activities in Jackson Hole!  We welcome you to a quieter time in Jackson Hole and we know you will have a great vacation!

White water rafting and scenic raft trips are available until mid to late September, contact your preferred company and inquire about dates.  The water is typically very clear this time of year, and even a bit warmer!  Visit for a listing of whitewater rafting companies and to see their reviews.

September Activities in Jackson Hole

Shooting firearms is available in September by reservation with the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience.  This activity has the best reviews on Trip Advisor of any Jackson Hole activity and welcomes novice and experienced shooters for their popular Multi-Gun Rifle & Pistol Experience as well as shotgunning, archery and tactical training.

September Jackson Hole

Dining in Jackson Hole is great in September, as most restaurants remain open, and while the staff are exhausted from a busy summer, they are “dialed” in and are more relaxed.  If you are a “foodie” you might want to check out a new offering, Jackson Hole Food Tours.  Check out our DINING IN JACKSON HOLE page for more information on local restaurants.

Best restaurants in Jackson Wyoming

Hotel-Jackson-Wyoming October activities jackson hole

Dining in Jackson Hole Restaurants

Dining in Jackson Hole Restaurants

Jackson Hole is a small community and boasts “big-community” dining options.  Because of the affluent class that frequents Jackson, many restaurateurs provide excellent solutions.  There are also more affordable options available.


If you have arranged your life in such a way that money is not a concern, you will be very pleased with dining options in Jackson Hole.  The most popular restaurant in Jackson Hole for the well heeled remains the Snake River Grill.  Other top locations include the Wild Sage, The Kitchen, Blue Lion, Nikai Sushi, Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse, Gun Barrel Steakhouse and of course the in-house restaurants at the areas best hotels, Amangani, Four Seasons, White Buffalo Club and Hotel Jackson.


If you have arranged your life in such a way that money must be watched and managed well, but you want to treat yourself, you will also be very pleased with dining options in Jackson Hole.  The most popular restaurant in Jackson Hole for the middle class is Sidewinders Tavern.  Other top locations include The Bird and Pica’s.


If you have arranged your life in such a way that money is tight, you can still find some affordable dining options in Jackson Hole.  The most popular restaurant in Jackson Hole for the budget conscious remains The Virginian for breakfast and El Abuelito for dinner.  Other top locations include Chinatown or Cutty’s Bar & Grille.


Not really.  Smith’s grocery is your best bet.

Looking for the best chicken wings in Jackson Hole?  Find out HERE!


Alphabetical listing courtesy of the JH Chamber:

Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce

Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce


Weddings – Getting Married in Jackson Hole Wyoming

Weddings – Getting Married in Jackson Hole Wyoming

Jackson Hole is a fabulous location for weddings, and there are many caterers, wedding officiants and other services to make your Jackson Hole wedding wonderful.

Investigate these great sites that provide the information you need!

Jackson Hole is a great place to get married!

Wedding Tree Jackson Hole Wyoming
Wedding Tree Jackson Hole Wyoming

The Tuttle Twins - a child's foundation of freedom

Learn About ART In Jackson Hole

Learn About ART In Jackson Hole

Many thanks to the local Legendary TAMMY CHRISTEL for her many contributions to our site!

We invite you to Learn About ART In Jackson Hole by reading our many articles about the Jackson Hole Art Scene and to also click on the image below to visit an excellent local art blog!  ( Jackson Hole Art Blog)  You might choose to create your own temporary art project in Jackson Hole with stone balancing, or perhaps visit a local gallery.

Jackson Hole Art Blog

Please Learn About ART In Jackson Hole HERE.

Learn About ART In Jackson Hole

From Nicole Gaitan’s Jackson Hole blog:

Over the past few years, I’ve come into myself. I’ve let go of insecurities in life and in my art. I’ve set goals, I’ve gone on adventures, I’ve scared the hell out of myself and most of all I’ve learned so much.

“All Life is an Experiment” is really the essence of how I’d like to live my life. My art is a reflection of that. Ralph Waldo Emerson is perhaps my favorite writer and philosopher and he said it best with this simple quote. Why not make the most out of life by experimenting with the short time we have on this Earth?

I’ve always tried to make life exciting, and I thought, up until I turned 29, that I was doing everything I could to live a fulfilling and adventurous life… but, that minute I turned 30 — that realization that my twenties were over — was the minute everything clicked. It’s time to take advantage of my freedom and my youth… two things you can never get back.

I hope this is reflected in my art and I hope my bold use of color inspires you to make more adventures and experimental decisions in your day-to-day life.


Jackson Hole Gold Panning Experience

Jackson Hole Gold Panning Experience

Jackson Hole Gold Panning Experience

gold panning in jackson hole

Our friendly gold panning coach brings our western gold panning equipment to you.  Your group has up to 2 hours to enjoy panning with the cheerful guidance of our coach, indoors or outdoors.  Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity!  Jackson Hole Gold Panning Experience – Experience the West!

$750 for Panning Coach, 2 jars of $20-value gold, water buckets, pans and all other gold panning equipment.  

Additional jars containing gravel, sand & gold flakes and nuggets:

    • $20 worth of gold – $25
    • $40 worth of gold – $50
    • $100 worth of gold – $125
    • $500 worth of gold – $625
    • $1000 worth of gold – $1,250
    • $1001k to $25,000,000+ – Let’s chat!

Some hosts choose jars of various values while others prefer that all jars contain the same value of gold.  All jars include a vile for miners to keep their nuggets in.

Please book at least 7 day sin advance.



Jackson Hole Gold Panning Experience

7 Free Things To Do In Jackson Hole

7 free things to do in Jackson Hole!

For visitors on a budget, our valley offers many great opportunities!  Here at the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, donors of this blog, we cater to HNW travelers.  At the same time we appreciate that many of the best things in life are free!

Spending time with the family enjoying the Great Outdoors, whether accomplishing anything or simply relaxing and watching the clouds pass by, can be one of the greatest bonding moments of your vacation!  We would love to share some ideas with you!

Hiking in Jackson Hole

Our area offers many great places to hike, climb and play!  Whether you choose a guided hike through your resort or with a provider like The Hole Hiking Experience, you are sure to have a great time, get a blister or several, see some pretty incredible sights and most importantly, relax and be at peace.

Biking in Jackson Hole

If you brought your bicycles, you are in for a treat!  Whether you want a casual ride on the plentiful paved government pathways, a technically challenging mountain bike trail or downhill madness – Jackson Hole has great bike trails for you!

Photography in Jackson Hole

Did you bring a camera?  Get out and shoot, we have SO MANY wonderful views in the area!  Please share your best shots on our FACEBOOK page!

Star Gazing in Jackson Hole

City-folk love Jackson Hole’s clear and starry nights!  You don’t need a telescope to lay down on your back and stare up into the sky!  There are free apps for smart phones that can help you identify individual stars and planets as well as constellations.

Swimming in Jackson Hole

Whether you are ready to brave the chilly waters of the Snake River or other high mountain bodies of water or if you prefer the warmth of a natural hot spring; there is water in Jackson Hole for you!  Kelly Warm Springs is easily accessible and a great place for kids to wade and play!  Free Things To Do In Jackson Hole abound, and swimming is just one of them!

Rocking it in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Activity of Rock Balancing and StackingThese activities are best for families with creative minds!

There are many ways to play with rocks, from climbing on them to collecting them to stacking them into cool towers.  There are many places around Jackson Hole for scrambling.

Check with the government in whatever jurisdiction you hope to collect rocks to be sure it is not illegal.

Rock stacking, also called “stone balancing” is a great mental exercise to keep the brain sharp!  Please take photos of YOUR best balancing acts and share them on our facebook page!


If you want to camp “fancy style” you will need to pay the government to use the developed camping places in their parks.

Colter Bay Campground
Gros Ventre Campground
Headwaters Campground and RV sites at Flagg Ranch
Jenny Lake Campground
Lizard Creek Campground
Signal Mountain Campground

If you are willing to rough it though, and actually camp the way folks have for thousands of years, there are many places to pull off the beaten path and camp.  Remember that the more “challenges” you and your family face, the stronger the memories that you will build.

Thanks to our featured Jackson Hole Activities business that supports our webpage!

Fly Fishing in Jackson Hole

Fly Fishing

Whether you choose to fish with a local legend like Bill Drui, John Hoovan or Don Wackerman guiding your excursion or simply want to stop into JD-High County Outfitters and outfit yourself with the necessary gear and knowledge, fly fishing activities in Jackson Hole are spectacular.

Horse Rides

Spring Creek Ranch Trail Rides
​Enjoy a guided horseback ride atop the East Gros Ventre Butte with Spring Creek Ranch’s W.W. Guides. Take in unique views of the Teton Range, the town of Jackson and the surrounding area from atop your well-trained steed. Rides are offered for one to four hours.

A-OK Corral Horseback Rides
​Experience true western fun & great scenic views on a 1-hour, 2- hour, 3-hour, half day, or full day horseback ride. Full day ride with fishing & pack trips also available.


Western towns have traditionally had many offerings for horse rides, but a Jackson Hole company has now added a new twist.  Want something unique?  Try Intro To Rodeo!

​Experience true western fun & great scenic views on a 1-hour, 2- hour, 3-hour, half day, or full day horseback ride. Full day ride with fishing & pack trips also available.