Fun Things To Do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

Experience Horseback Riding in Jackson Hole

Experience Horseback Riding in Jackson Hole

by Alexis Aislin Basilla

Wyoming’s Jackson Hole offers their locals as well as the tourists an authentic experience of the Old West. Horseback riding is one of the most popular activities you can do when you visit Jackson Hole. This article will give you some insights on where to go to experience ranching in Wyoming.

ride horses in jackson hole

Willow Creek Horseback Rides

First on the list is the Willow Creek Horseback Rides located at Bryan Flats Road, Jackson Hole. They offer one of the best horseback riding experience which may include day fishing trips as well as overnight pack trips, depending on the customer’s preference.

They offer unique trail routes that will give you very breath-taking and scenic views you’ll never get enough of seeing throughout the whole ride. Also, to ensure the safety of each trip, professional riders will be available for guidance and accompaniment.

Experience horse riding in jackson hole

Introduction to Rodeo

If you are looking for an authentic rodeo experience, head to Introduction to Rodeo located at the Snake River Ranch. This ranch is considered as a historic site, being listed in the Registry for Historical Places in Wyoming.

They primarily offer a one-of-a-kind rodeo training session which mainly occur inside their practice arena. Their program is suitable for all ages and personal trainers will be available for supervision. Overall, it is a very fun experience that you won’t get from anywhere else.

Experience Horseback Riding in Jackson Hole

A-OK Corral Horseback Rides

A-OK Corral horseback rides is a program offered by the Horse Creek Ranch. You can choose from a variety of riding durations from ranging from an hour to a full day. Numerous wild flowers as well as the Snake Creek can be seen while you tread on their scenic trails. Enjoy their breath-taking views and fresh air as you venture to the wilderness as a cowboy for a day.


Mill Iron Ranch

The Mill Iron Ranch is located at Horse Creek Road, Jackson Hole. This ranch provides only the most authentic horseback rides in Wyoming. The uniqueness of their location gives their guests unrivaled trail rides as well as good fishing and hunting chances.

Their trails comprise of 2,000-vertical feet climb which will enable you to see the most scenic views of Wyoming. Snacks and other meals are also available depending on the package you want to avail.